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Topic: Karaoke Plug In + Music Videos
Hi there.

I'm a total noob and just started using the program this week but I'm loving VDJ so far.

I am running a karaoke and need something clarified.

I've searched through threads but still not sure what the answer is.

Basically, I want a simple method of running karaoke so that my other presenters can do the job easily without them being too technical.

So far I have VDJ Pro and I am using the default 2 deck skin.

I have a playlist set to automix on deck 2 and I load Karaoke tracks using the Karaoke plug in on deck 1.

I slide the video fader to deck A and leave it there so that the Karaoke Plug in always loads to deck 1.

I am also using the excellent ScrollText effect and have mapped it to switch on and off with the NUM0 key.

Everything works fine.

My main problem is now that I have discovered music videos can be played I really want to be able to drop in a few videos on my deck 2 playlist.

This is where I run into difficulty. If a music video is played on deck 2 playlist it automatically plays on deck 1 as the video fader has been set to deck 1 for karaoke.

What is the best solution here?

Ideally deck 1 should always be used for karaoke. Is there a way to assign deck 1 to the karaoke effect only? So that video will not interrupt and can be mixed smoothly on deck 2?

I hope this makes sense!

And a quick one... is there a way to automatically load a message on scroll text or is that only available on the beta version 2?

Thanks guys.


Posted Fri 18 Jan 13 @ 8:35 am
Did anyone find the solution for this...I have a similar issue with my Hercules board. I cant find the correct setting but when I use PCDJVJ it works just fine. I cant find the setting for VDJ.

Hey guys....I have a Hercules 4mx...I am trying to use deckB as a background or filler music deck with a slideshow or video clipbank in between Karaoke files. I want to use Deck A as my karaoke player. I utilize the Karaoke list option as well. If I have my crossfader set to Deck B with background music with a slideshow feature, and then attempt to add a song from the Karaoke list it automatically loads to Deck B.

I want to be able to have Deck B playing with regular music and a slide show, and have karaoke on Deck A so that all I have to do is fade between both once a song ends. So that there is no lapse in sound, and I want Karaoke to only load to deck A. How do I do that please help

Posted Wed 06 Mar 13 @ 9:35 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
As neither of you are showing as pro users you will only get a small monitor output window, you are also violating the user license agreement for nlu's. So guys if you are using pro you'll need to register your software to get the full use of VDJ.

When I do karaoke I load up a playlist on deck 2 usually music videos and clipbank to play when only audio and play this while cueing up deck one for karaoke and fade between the two decks when the singer is ready, simple.

Posted Wed 06 Mar 13 @ 2:04 pm
I wondered why I couldn't register my software on my account. Turns out I have 2 accounts for some reason! This is the correct one I should have posted with originally.
Thanks for the reply but are you using the karaoke plug in?

Posted Tue 09 Apr 13 @ 8:21 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Used to years back but but I find it more convenient to do karaoke within vdj as I described above. When doing a full blown karaoke night I take a second laptop and run a dedicated kj software through that.

I have high hopes when V8 is released we will all have a more substantial plugin integrated into vdj for karaoke use. One of the dev team has proven his work in another vj/kj software and I'm not expecting any disapppointments if the karaoke plugin is looked at and developed for the next version.

Here's hoping.

Posted Tue 09 Apr 13 @ 2:38 pm