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I saw a couple topics with this, but I'm not sure I am understanding how to make it work. Can someone please put up a print screen of the settings you use to record using a VMS 4.1, so that you don't hear what you are playing live, and also what is being cued?? This would help me out a lot. Thanks a million!

Posted Mon 26 Nov 12 @ 9:55 pm
Or if someone can break it down for me that would be helpful as well. Thanks!

Posted Tue 27 Nov 12 @ 8:30 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
There are actually 2 ways to record with the VMS4/4.1
But both ways require an additional sound card with inputs. Most likely you will use the Line/Mic Input of your computer (built in sound card). Connect the Booth output of the VMS4 with the Input of that sound card (secondary or computer's built in) using a proper cable

1. Use Audacity or similar application to record that Input and VirtualDJ Sound setup should stay as the default one..
Outputs..Ext mixer
Sound card.. VMS4

2. Add a recordloopback line in the Advanced Sound setup and use VirtualDJ to record that input. In this case you need to create an aDvanced Sound setup.

Deck 1 .. VMS4 ..outs ..3,4
Deck 2... VMS4..outs 5,6
Deck 3....VMS4 ..outs 1,2 (optional line if you need 4 decks)
Deck 4 ..VMS4..outs 7,8 (optional line if you need 4 decks)
Recordloopback.. Souncard you plugged the Booth output of your VMS4...inputs 1,2

Posted Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 12:46 pm
Thanks Alot! Will try this and see what happens!

Posted Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 11:56 pm
my sound setup

@ vms asio settings (click on start on computer then asio settings)

mode: 8in-2out

midilog 1
master rec

left channel right channel
out 1 out 2
out 3 out4
out 5 out 6
out 7 out 8
in 1 in 2
click apply

@ advanced config:

deck 1 adj asio output 3&4
deck 2 adj asio output 5&6
record loopback adj asio input 1&2
click apply

for 2 decks + record my mixes!

Posted Thu 29 Nov 12 @ 9:18 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
With the above Sound setup, do you also record the mic ?

Posted Thu 29 Nov 12 @ 11:51 pm
i don't think so, probably need to add mic to channel 7&8? maybe? i'm learning but i'll check!

Posted Fri 30 Nov 12 @ 2:15 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Well i have tested several sound setups with the VMS4/4.1 in the past, and the Sound setup i have posted above, ensures that both music and mic are recorded.
If you find a workaround or a different approach , let us know.

Posted Fri 30 Nov 12 @ 6:54 pm
Hey Guys, It's been over a year and I appreciate the help in the forum. the set up from koreadj9 actually allows for music and mic to be recorded which is perfect. Sometimes I record my live sets and I do speak in the mic once in a while. Thanks for the help guys!

Posted Thu 28 Nov 13 @ 12:44 am