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PRO Infinity
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Posted Tue 04 Sep 12 @ 2:32 pm
Hi TigerBlueDJ,

Thanks for coming out with a simple skin.
I have been trying to create one using other skins by changing and adjusting the xml and bmp but that takes a loooong time...

This pass weekend I went and got a new laptop but was worried about the 1366x786 screen.

While it is way cooler than my 9 year old dell Inspiron wider isn't better in my eyes.
Your new skin helps me see playlist and album cover better.

However, you may need to add a few more things later...

Thanks for giving me some skin man (70th words)


PRO Infinity
Member since 2004

Posted Tue 04 Sep 12 @ 2:44 pm
Here is idea with I haven't found yet.

Placing the control on the sides and playlist down the middle.
Album art at the top center with basic information cross the top and buttom as needed.

Control left and right

Using the standard blue and red

If had the software I would love to create some skins too but
for now all I can do it ask and adjust those I can.

Again thanks for your skin... :)