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Topic: Can pioneer djm 250 be connected with vdj?
I'd like to know if my pioneer djm 250 can be connected to laptop? And how?

Posted Sat 11 Aug 12 @ 6:20 pm
it's not midi capable so can't control the software... If you get VDJ Pro you can use a soundcard such as an "Audio 2" or "DJ I/O" and run two decks into the mixers channels.

Posted Sat 11 Aug 12 @ 6:58 pm
Can any one help i cant get any response from this soft ware trying to configure 2 x cdj 350 & DJM 250 with DJ Pro have a newmark DJ is 10 soundcard settings are correct.

do the RCA cables go from the mixer into the sound card & the USB cable from sound card box to mac ??

I must be doing some thing wrong as iv followed every bloody forum on this subject & i am so pissed off with it !!!!

Posted Tue 29 Oct 13 @ 2:31 am

You don’t need a sound card with having CDJ350s.

1. Download the latest firmware for the CDJ350 and ASIO drivers from the pioneer site.

2. Set on the player’s one to deck one the other to deck two (they come set to deck one as default).

3. Plug the USB cables from each player into the PC and the RCA cables from each player into the mixer.

4. When both the players are on start-up VDJ and go to sound setup.

5. Select the Pioneer AISO and external mixer.

The above is just a quick guide you might have to do a bit more to do like assign decks in VDJ, but this should get you going. The mixer will not control VDJ as it is not MIDI.

Posted Wed 30 Oct 13 @ 3:54 am
thanks Ian,

But this is still not working. iv down loaded latest firmware & loaded. Iv a DJM 250 which needs an external soundcard. which i added on midi set up. i tried your way you suggested each track i loaded only 1 would show up on both cdj displays & both tracks would play only through 1 channel. is there a way i can get a DJM 250 to work through this software.

thanks Alan

Posted Mon 11 Nov 13 @ 10:16 pm
It's already been explained to you...

Your CDJ350s have USB soundcards built in. Set up the VDJ audio config to use both CDJ350s and plug the outputs of the CDJ350s to the mixer as normal.

You may need to mess about with the Mac audio config (aggregate device or somesuch) but I don't know enough about Macs to help there. There is a CDJ aggregator app for this purpose on the Pioneer web site.

Posted Tue 12 Nov 13 @ 5:21 am
Djm 250mk2 puedo trabajar con virtual dj?

Posted Fri 03 Nov 17 @ 1:42 am