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Topic: skin creator
getafixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
is there a free open source skin creator and are they easy to use??
iv not done any type of codeing work before and have doubts of if i can understand enough
to get a skin to work. can anyone advise me on there experiances of skin creation and how
they got on with the task please....

Posted Thu 17 May 12 @ 11:17 am
skin creation is relatively easy once you learn the basics which can all be found in the wiki

you basically just draw an object in it's different states eg. a button

then plot where vdj should draw the image using the coordinates of the x and y axis, the length an hieght. After that you can choose an action for the control. everything else like a different image when the button is pushed, or on is optional, you can make a pannel etc...

the skin creator is free and has the capacity to show you the code you need to enter in an xml file and allows you to easily plot your skins controls, unfortunately if you are not a premium member or have purchased a licence for the skin creator you cannot save or copy/cut your work. The price for a licence when I got it was about $20AUS if I remember correctly, It was absolutely worth the price as it make everything incredibly easy, you just click on a skin element and a window will appear on your image that you can move and resize to the correct size. then you have only the definitions applicable to that control on the right side.

Also a couple more features worth their weight in gold are the error check, line folding, and the color coding to help you locate the part of the code you need quickly without straining your eyes.

Posted Thu 17 May 12 @ 3:22 pm
getafixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
thanks very much for the info,
the way you explain makes me think i might have a shot at getting it right.
and if i can get a few practice skins looking ok i think it would be worth it to pay the extra for the licence.
ill have a good look threw the wiki when i start on my first skin.

i do like some of the extras that others have put in there skins. is it possible to view pre made
skins and those that others have made. not to copy or steal ideas but to use to learn and
develop what i was thinking of for my own skin? and how they have managed to add functions not in
the basic vdj skins?

Posted Thu 17 May 12 @ 5:06 pm
yes, you just need to unzip any of the existing skins and you can see both the xml file and the picture using jeremk's tool, just select "open project" and choose the xml...

Another great thing is you can highlight an element and it will show you where the picture is to be drawn. so you can see how everything goes together. Imho it takes longer to draw an image that you're happy with than to make it operate in vdj.

Also if using vector shapes to create your image avoid using photoshop as it can't handle a lot of them at the same time, so you need to merge the vectors into solid objects to free up RAM, but it also means you can no longer freely edit the shapes as if they were vector graphics. as soon as I started drawing knobs that were made from about 450 different vector shapes my computer slowed right down. Djdad was telling me that coreldraw is much better at using vectors.

Posted Thu 17 May 12 @ 8:22 pm
getafixPRO InfinityMember since 2010
thats great. thanks for your help....
ill see if i can purchase the license next week and have a proper go at it where i can save as i go along.
your replys have been a massive help to me manny thanks ;)

Posted Tue 29 May 12 @ 9:34 am
Can you edit a downloaded Skin because i dont understand the technical stuff!

Posted Mon 16 Jul 12 @ 3:12 pm