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LE user
Member since 2012

Posted Thu 03 May 12 @ 6:12 am
recently i bought the gemini ctrl-six, and the package included VDJ with LE licence.
I wanted to download the mappers and definitions to try them out during trial period of PRO, but since there is no such download but only for ctrl-7 (and these controllers are probably almost the same) i wanted to try that one, but obviously my licence does not allow me to. Are there any solutions for that?
Also i wanted to know if this download include the skin for gemini controllers?
I'm sorry if i'm posting in wrong forum, and thanks for the answers.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2008

Posted Thu 03 May 12 @ 6:38 am
Sorry, skins and plugins are only available to Pro users. There is no facility for LE users to try them out.



PRO Infinity
Member since 2011

Posted Fri 19 Oct 12 @ 12:59 pm
Hi, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue, or has heard of this:
I'm getting loud random volume spikes playing music. I don't generally see it when I run my CTRL 6 through another mixer RCA. But when I'm stand alone going out to powered speakers through XLR I get it. (I don't think the cables are the problem)

I can't recreate it on demand. It's not like the MP3 has a "bad spot", it's random MP3s. whether I've ripped a CD directly onto my laptop, or if it's just on my library drive, happens either time.

I thought it might be an inherent problem with the mixer, so I had it replaced with a new one, same problem, gah...


Posted Sat 20 Oct 12 @ 1:11 pm
This could be caused by playing unanalysed songs before they have loaded in full.

Please see

Also, this is the skins forum but your post is about a hardware/software issue. Please use the appropriate forum when posting such as either Hardware Technical Support, PC Version Technical Support or Mac Version Technical Support (If you are using a Mac.)

LE user
Member since 2013

Posted Wed 27 Mar 13 @ 6:47 am
dmillar i have the same problem like you , and I found the problem , you must dissasembly the console (just the pcb with out conectors) and between xlr connector are two capacitors ( 133 and 134) who you must change because they are damaged (especially 133) , but in my cause the both capacitors were damaged and after i change them the xlr outs works , and there ins no longer diference between chanels!;)

PRO Infinity
Member since 2015

Posted Sat 28 Mar 15 @ 3:49 pm
No es naaada de lo que ustedes dicen... Es por que el programa no es original... Me pasaba lo mismo... Compre virtual 8 y te regalan el 7 pro... Los abri y santo remedio.. No hay mas picos de sonido.
Posted Mon 30 Mar 15 @ 5:31 am
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