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Topic: Numark NS7 and Virtual DJ pro
olandezPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Ive had this issue for several months now and no one has been able to help me i need some help please....

Virtual Dj Pro version 7.0.5 for mac

My Processor- 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

I have a problem that i have not been able to resolve....

when i connect the ns7 to the mac and start playing music the sound sounds distorted...
what ive notice is that when the platers are off the sound sounds great but when they are on
thats when its distorted... i know under the config tab, under the options tab the crossfader should be disabled...
but i also notice that the jog mode changes when the platers are on and when they are off...
its there any drives that i need to download or what can be wrong????

Can any one please help me... i need to get the working i have places to go play and i love using my mac not my pc!!!

Posted Sun 12 Feb 12 @ 8:21 am
hey man I feel you. I have the same issue with my unmark V7 i posted (i believe) the same issue. I found out from the VDJ tech that it is the driver that Numark currently has to install the Itch program. It is not completely compatible with VDJ.

I spoke to the rep to configure my PC for audio and video gigs. The performance is much better.

We will have to wait until unmark updates there drivers for V7, NS&, and i believe NS6.

I use itch at some gigs and VDJ on my video gigs.


Posted Mon 13 Feb 12 @ 4:19 pm
olandezPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I spoke with the tech people too and they try to fix it by downloading a drive but it didn't work so like u said i guess will have to wait...

Do you think we can use and older version off vdj?? and see if it works??

Posted Mon 13 Feb 12 @ 6:56 pm
I just got a new MacBook Pro. I had to update the itch software and update Virtual Dj software. Neither of the programs have to run at the same time. Played a couple of hours last night with both programs at separate times and no issues. Just had to make minor adjustments to settings at that was it.

Posted Sun 20 May 12 @ 11:12 am
olandezPRO InfinityMember since 2010
What system are u runnin in ur mac?? Cause im still havin the same issues... And do u have the latest vistual dj pro version??

Posted Mon 21 May 12 @ 1:05 am
amun-rePRO InfinityMember since 2005

Posted Thu 07 Jun 12 @ 7:13 pm
amun-rePRO InfinityMember since 2005
i must say VDJ+NS7 is a sick combination! i cant wait untill a patch that fixes this warbling sound problem...

Posted Fri 08 Jun 12 @ 9:18 am
I had the same problem. "Fix" before you start your gig shut down your mac. plug in usb cables, turn on ns7. turn on your mac. this is the only thing that helped for me. it also solves the issue with the software crashing. Good luck

Posted Mon 11 Jun 12 @ 12:03 am
Dj_OO30Home userMember since 2014
I need some help, I new at this whole Dj thing and I have Numark nS7, do I have to by Virtual dJ pro to use my Numark Ns7 or can I Still use it with the free version of Virtual Dj?

Posted Thu 01 May 14 @ 7:06 pm
You will need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to use any MIDI controllers. The only exception is if you purchase a controller with VirtualDJ LE included, which is limited software bundled by manufacturers with selected controllers. Please see comparison.

VirtualDJ Home FREE supports mouse/keyboard only, but it allows MIDI controllers can be tested for 10 minutes at a time as a trial of the full VirtualDJ Pro.

Posted Thu 01 May 14 @ 7:27 pm