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Topic: DN-HC5000 - you need the DENON ASIO Driver!
The DN-HC5000 arrived in only a few business days (free shipping!), and looks great mounted in my rack just below the matching DN-X500 mixer. It comes with all the applicable wires/cables to plug in to a mixer and a computer. The power supply is built in to the unit so there's no "wall wart" - just a regular sized power plug.

Plug it in to your computer... and it automatically loads all of the necessary drivers from Windows Update (Windows 7).

ASIO Audio Driver Problem Solved:
While you can use the audio interface as-is with the Serato Itch software and as the primary sound card for Windows Media Player... you CAN NOT use it plug-and-play with Virtual DJ - UNLESS YOU HAVE THIS INFO:
It's info that's not yet available on the Virtual DJ website, and not even available on the Denon or Serato websites. After a couple of hours of searching for the answer... I tried an experiment and it worked. In order to use the built-in USB soundcard with your mixer, you must have the DENON ASIO Driver installed on your computer. It is NOT available on the Denon DN-HC5000 downloads page. Rather, it is available from the DN-HC4500 downloads page! I suppose that this is because the 5000 was touted as "Itch Only" - but I've tested it rather thoroughly now and know that it's for Virtual DJ as well.

Here's where you can download the DENON ASIO Driver:
Look near the bottom of the page for this image, and click on it to download:

Once you've installed it, you can open Virtual DJ, go to Settings, select the Sound Setup tab, choose Outputs -> External Mixer, and then Sound Card -> ASIO Driver -> DENON DJ ASIO Driver. :)


Also, Virtual DJ does automatically map all the buttons for you - just make sure that you have "Use MIDI Devices" selected/active on the Mappers tab.

Everything was mapped as I expected including the Crates/Files/Browse/History/Prepare & Add buttons.

A nice surprise was that when in the Automix mode (which can be activated/deactivated by pushing the Shift-Cont./Single button), you can press the "Relay" button (dead center of the console) and it will "Mix Now"!!! Perfect.

After I play with it and use it during a gig, I might change the programming of one or two buttons, but for now everything seems just right.

Posted Thu 03 Nov 11 @ 7:02 am
szeppieriPRO InfinityDenonMember since 2005
CJGreiner congrats and thanks for this post.

You are correct, to use this great controller on a "PC" without ITCH, you will need to DL and install Denon's latest ASIO Driver. (2.xx)
ASIO is not required if you run a MAC. (core audio is used instead)

The HC5000 is now dirt cheap at:

($299 or LESS)

Posted Thu 03 Nov 11 @ 11:45 am
NAWTBOYPRO InfinityMember since 2003
what are the differences between this and the 4500....are there any advantages to either of them?

Posted Sun 01 Jan 12 @ 6:32 pm
The main different is different button layouts. The HC5000 is designed with Serato Itch in mind, whereas the HC4500 is more generic layout. Both are supported in the latest VirtualDJ Pro and work well.

The basic functionality is the same for play/cue, jogwheels, pitch and LCD displays.

Search Google for pictures of each controller so you can compare.

Posted Mon 02 Jan 12 @ 11:29 am
NAWTBOYPRO InfinityMember since 2003
How can I make it so the auto loop button defaults to 4 beat loop

i was able to set a shortcut in the mapper but now when i click the autolopp on the right it also engages on the left too

I looked in the dropdown of available keys and there is just one that says doesn't say which side it is fo

any ideas how i can just set a 4 beat loop for each side?

Posted Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 9:41 pm

Posted Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 9:48 pm
NAWTBOYPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Yeah I actually tried that by clicking on the side I wanted but for some reason it applies it to both sides.

When you click the autolearn button and then click the autoloop button on the right it says AUTOLOOP...if I do the same on the left it says AUTOLOOP....

It doesn't seem to have a way of knowing which is the left or thats were I thought i was missing something

any ideas on whats going on here?

I noticed it also did this for the CUE points.....its applying them to both sides

Posted Fri 06 Jan 12 @ 10:38 am
It knows which side to apply it from by the built-in device definition.

Each button that's present on both sides of a native supported dual-deck controller is mapped only once. This is to keep the mapping simpler and because the button will usually perform the same function on each deck.

If you want to change the function of the button, simply change AUTOLOOP to loop 4 (For example.) It will now perform that function on each deck.

If you want the button to perform DIFFERENT functions on each deck, please see:

Posted Fri 06 Jan 12 @ 11:38 am
NAWTBOYPRO InfinityMember since 2003
i remapped my dial to control the filter

how can i make it so when i click the dial the filter resets to being off?

Posted Tue 10 Jan 12 @ 10:57 pm
Map it to the following:

filter 50%

Posted Thu 12 Jan 12 @ 1:30 pm

Posted Fri 09 Mar 12 @ 9:16 pm

Posted Sun 18 Mar 12 @ 7:29 pm
i can see it on this page where is it i need the asio driver thank u

Posted Tue 30 Jul 13 @ 12:30 pm
found it

Posted Tue 30 Jul 13 @ 12:40 pm
mjwc1969PRO SubscriberMember since 2015
does anyone know where I can get aiso driver from for a dn-hc5000 thanks

Posted Sat 04 Apr 15 @ 7:50 am
Please do not post the same message in different areas of the forum. This is regarded as spamming and is against the forum rules.

The ASIO driver is here

Posted Sat 04 Apr 15 @ 8:20 am
I had the HC5000 running with VDJ 7.4.1 yesterday. I updated and now Im getting an error message with the ASIO driver and now have no sound whatsoever. Please help. I've been trouble shooting for 2 hours and no good results...

Posted Sun 10 May 15 @ 1:41 am
Can you see the denon as audio-interface in device manager ?

What do you mean by updated - to VDJ8? or Denon FW?

Posted Sun 10 May 15 @ 4:09 am
wesoundPRO InfinityMember since 2008
kan ik mijn dn-hc4500 en dn-hc5000 samen op mijn virtual dj laten draaien ?

Posted Tue 15 Dec 15 @ 11:00 pm