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Topic: "Error in the video driver."
bMaddyHome userMember since 2011

I am an amateur audio editor/mixer and I'm fond of mixing songs together. I usually just use Audacity for it but when I saw Virtual DJ, I thought that it's awesome!

Anyway, I'm currently working on a musical show which involves two video screens during the presentation. These screens would show a background picture of which scene the characters are on, and from time to time, will switch to a live coverage of the show itself. I saw some videos on youtube on how VDJ can be a video mixer as well, and I got so excited in trying it out.

I've been trying to get like a trial run on my own virtualdj before introducing the concept to my production team. However, I've hit a road bump.

I tried loading .avi video files from my digital camera onto either deck A or B. What happens is - the audio loads perfectly, but the pop-up window just flashes and i'm met with a message window saying "Error in the video driver." I was so disappointed because I was thinking that Virtual DJ is compatible with any video.

I tried converting the .avi video into other formats but didn't work. I have the K-lite codec installed.

By the way, I'm using a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S161. (is this an old laptop model that has no hope with working with VDJ?)

So basically, here are my two questions:
1.) How can I get Deck A to start playing videos?
2.) Can I play/stream live video into Deck B?
3.) Can VDJ meet my needs for the musical I'm planning? if not, what other programs can I use?

Posted Sun 04 Sep 11 @ 8:48 pm
for AVI files, change the CODEC to use the Windows Media (CONFIG/CODECS).

Anyway, you need the PRO version of VDJ to output your screen to external monitors.

Posted Sun 04 Sep 11 @ 9:25 pm
bMaddyHome userMember since 2011

Oh man... I really thought I could pull this off. :( Oh, well. Hehe. :)

Thanks The Magic.DJ! :D

Posted Mon 05 Sep 11 @ 12:13 am