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Topic: Mixtrack Pro Gain Volume Control Faders
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hi Guys, I have a Mixtrack Pro, is it possible to map out the volume gain controls on Virtual Pro so they match up with the gain faders on the Mixtrack Pro, at the moment I have to adjust these using my mouse pad. I dont know why Numark didnt put two separate gain controls on the Mixtrack Pro would make it alot better,any advice would help thanks.

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 12:23 pm
synthet1cPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2010
I'm not really following you.. but I think you want to control the gain knobs from the skin not the volume slider... if you have a shift button mapped I would use one of the 3 endless encoders (effect select, parameter 1-2) to adjust the gain as you wouldn't really require a permanent knob for this function

if you haven't got shifts already i would set two, one for each deck with

set 'deck1_shift' while_pressed
set 'deck2_shift' while_pressed

this type of shift will make it so you need to be pressing the shift button for the shift to be on.

for the knob as an example i am using deck 1 effect parameter 2 knob
var_equal 'deck1_shift' ? param_greater 50% ? deck 1 gain_slider +1 : deck 1 gain slider -1 : param_greater 50% ? deck 1 effect slider 2 +1 : deck 1 effect slider 2 -1

if you already have a shift use "var_equal 'whatever_your_shift_is_called' ?"

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 5:37 pm
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
On the Mixtrack Pro mixer both channels have not got separate gain volume knobs,only 2 main faders,so when I hook this up with Virtual Pro I can not control the the volume gain knobs from the Mixtrack Pro mixer, I hope this makes more sense??

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 6:37 pm
synthet1cPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2010
no worries the above code will work then just choose buttons to make shifts with, then paste in the mapper of the appropriate knob.

this is deck 2 effect parameter knob 2
var_equal 'deck1_shift' ? param_greater 50% ? deck 2 gain_slider +1 : deck 2 gain_slider -1 : param_greater 50% ? deck 2 effect slider 2 +1 : deck 2 effect slider 2 -1

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 7:34 pm
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Great thanks for the reply, will give this a go.

Regards Matt.

Posted Sun 24 Apr 11 @ 4:14 am
acefishHome userMember since 2015
Hi,I have a mixtracks pro 3 and run it with DJ intro 1.7 everything works fine apart from the controller.I have volume on both channels but I have no control with channel 2 slider.the volume is the same unless I change it with the master gain.also the crossfader does not change channels.any ideas? Much appreciated.

Posted 9 hours ago
This forum is for Virtual DJ software by Atomix.

For help with Serato DJ Intro you need the Serato forum.

Posted 8 hours ago