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Topic: Mixtrack Pro Gain Volume Control Faders
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hi Guys, I have a Mixtrack Pro, is it possible to map out the volume gain controls on Virtual Pro so they match up with the gain faders on the Mixtrack Pro, at the moment I have to adjust these using my mouse pad. I dont know why Numark didnt put two separate gain controls on the Mixtrack Pro would make it alot better,any advice would help thanks.

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 12:23 pm
I'm not really following you.. but I think you want to control the gain knobs from the skin not the volume slider... if you have a shift button mapped I would use one of the 3 endless encoders (effect select, parameter 1-2) to adjust the gain as you wouldn't really require a permanent knob for this function

if you haven't got shifts already i would set two, one for each deck with

set 'deck1_shift' while_pressed
set 'deck2_shift' while_pressed

this type of shift will make it so you need to be pressing the shift button for the shift to be on.

for the knob as an example i am using deck 1 effect parameter 2 knob
var_equal 'deck1_shift' ? param_greater 50% ? deck 1 gain_slider +1 : deck 1 gain slider -1 : param_greater 50% ? deck 1 effect slider 2 +1 : deck 1 effect slider 2 -1

if you already have a shift use "var_equal 'whatever_your_shift_is_called' ?"

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 5:37 pm
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
On the Mixtrack Pro mixer both channels have not got separate gain volume knobs,only 2 main faders,so when I hook this up with Virtual Pro I can not control the the volume gain knobs from the Mixtrack Pro mixer, I hope this makes more sense??

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 6:37 pm
no worries the above code will work then just choose buttons to make shifts with, then paste in the mapper of the appropriate knob.

this is deck 2 effect parameter knob 2
var_equal 'deck1_shift' ? param_greater 50% ? deck 2 gain_slider +1 : deck 2 gain_slider -1 : param_greater 50% ? deck 2 effect slider 2 +1 : deck 2 effect slider 2 -1

Posted Sat 23 Apr 11 @ 7:34 pm
MATT CPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Great thanks for the reply, will give this a go.

Regards Matt.

Posted Sun 24 Apr 11 @ 4:14 am
acefishHome userMember since 2015
Hi,I have a mixtracks pro 3 and run it with DJ intro 1.7 everything works fine apart from the controller.I have volume on both channels but I have no control with channel 2 slider.the volume is the same unless I change it with the master gain.also the crossfader does not change channels.any ideas? Much appreciated.

Posted Mon 02 May 16 @ 6:27 pm
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Posted Mon 02 May 16 @ 6:41 pm