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No license user
Posted Fri 11 Feb 11 @ 3:31 am
Any indian in this forum? could someone tell me where in india can i buy a midi controller like VMS4, Mixtrack Pro or maybe DJ CONSOLE 4-MX by Hercules? to buy online its soo very expensive we got to pay soo much on customs and duty.



Posted Fri 11 Feb 11 @ 8:57 am
Sorry I can't help you. Hopefully someone who know will guide you to it. All the best;)


No license user
Posted Mon 23 May 11 @ 2:17 am
Hi this is Vicky from Delhi I've got Hercules rmx,Ns7 ,bcd2000 ,mixtrack,m audio exponent. Every thing is available in India except Hercules products,Now I'm getting 4mx from swiss in June,it is a waste of time sitting on the net searching for hercules products in India.
Around 5 yrs back there was a company by the name Mediatech in mumbai selling Hercules products ,but not anymore,if you want HERCULES products you've to come to Delhi to get it imported through authorised genuine importers & wait for atleast 25 days
hope this helps


Posted Tue 24 May 11 @ 8:11 pm
Nice info Vicky;)

deejay CaS

Professional edition user
Posted Fri 03 Jun 11 @ 5:16 am
hey vicky do u have the numark mixtrack pro ready with virtual dj??

please give me ur email-id i am from mumbai

Edit: sorry no contact is allowed from no license user. Thks for the understanding.


Posted Thu 23 Jun 11 @ 9:34 am
Good news;)

As told by rangshay2, a forum member here.

"There is a dealer in new delhi for numark and ion products.
and the ccompany name is raj music emporium."

And try not to buy 2nd hand as then u can't register it later.


Ps: thanks rangshay2 for the info;)


No license user
Posted Tue 28 Jun 11 @ 12:08 pm
hi there there's a guy from Raj musicals ,he is an importer of numark & gemini products but sells them on a verrrrrrrrrrry high rates ,say 4-5 times& never gives bill & so no garantee ,you guys better come to delhi & buy from numark shops in Lajpat rai market & aahhhhh onething more reloop is there in mumbai
but FOR HERCULES go to thailand atleast & contact mr, Leith from hercules ,I think I/m the only dj in India who has rmx,4mx haa haa haaaaa yooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo , mm sorry guys jokes apart ,plz no hard feelings could't control the x citement,but seriously want to help you guys

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DJ Loly pop

No license user
Posted Fri 08 Jul 11 @ 3:00 am
All right it took me 20 min to find my old account and by a google serch i rech to this topic coz i am also looking for something

okay my dear freind who is looking for the herculis and Mr Vicky i am also from delhi

well thats right RAJ something i dont remeber the right name of that peron he is selling the numark products but honestly they are expencive


tell me what is cheap if to be a DJ is your hobby
pne more thing i want to add in this topic is there are really few of them who use the MIDI Cantrolers in INDIA i guess there are lots of guys who really dont even know what acual MIDI is all about most of the sound studios they make music with some software i dont know if i am alowed to take the name

apart of this Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 is there in india i took ages ago not much into it ( so sorry VIcky you are noot the only one) just sayin no offence bro

anyways all the bottem line is find everything on 20 north cant give you a link coz i am not a register user of VDJ so google is the best freind all the midi systems what you required are shiped to you but might take some time they are importers not the dealers remeber that (and dont blame me for the trust) but i buy most of the things from them

A Little sugetion for the guy who start this post.. if you really want to spend some money on the MIDI Equipments i rather preffer you to use some good brand i dont know if you can afford the ponieer stuff they have the midi cantroler its a good one or else numark is the best compatable with VDJ and i am a big time Fan of VDJ i still use and i dont think i wil stop using for my gigs too coz of just 1 simple reason EFFECTS unbetale and thats what you do in mixing

Sorry for the huge discription but i would hae said things in 3 lins but i wanted to explain you all this

in the end money dosent matter anything where you get improve your skills that matters the most :)

still i say happy hunting for your stuff


Limited edition user
Posted Mon 18 Jul 11 @ 4:39 am
i read this thread and still can't find the answer on how to buy numark mixtrack pro with virtual dj LE in india !!
as you say that RAJ shop in expensive.
can someone please post a shop name from delhi , mumbai or a website .!
please i have been searching for it so long.


No license user
Posted Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 4:25 am
Hi friends we are a delhi Based company in India named Pace Pro Audio Pvt Ltd. and soon we are launching 2 deck and 4 deck Midi controller with VDJ 7 so i hope it will end your search of good controllers in India


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 09 Sep 11 @ 9:39 am
Hi to all .I Have purchased american audio VMS-4 with virtual dj LE form raj music delhi ..(wow its sound like jingle ha ha ) anyways its gr8 but lot for problem with this unit sound very low on headphone midi mapping is like a war.i'm really frustrate with this VMS-4..can someone help me to mapping my unit.


No license user
Posted Fri 02 Mar 12 @ 12:30 am
Hii! its Ajit (A_Mazik) Music Producer
m link with (dj Tarun Delhi RedF.M Dj Jitesh) n DUSK Kolkata
i say the best shop in delhi is Raj Musical.


No license user
Posted Fri 02 Mar 12 @ 12:32 am
But i did'nt found to have my best controller Pioneer DDJ T1 its best.u may try Traktor or new Pioneer Ergo but try to find Dealers in India its not in Raj Musicals


No license user
Posted Fri 02 Mar 12 @ 12:36 am
Main problm is price in India i found Traktor at 66000 its worse to m looking for others but still m with Production n searching for 2nd hand Axiom PRO 49 or Novation Zero SL MKII here in india.


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 22 Mar 12 @ 12:03 pm
Today i bought two new controller VMS 4 @ 22K and Denon MN-MC 6000 @ 60k With Traktor LE.
All The Best To You Guys ..


Limited edition user
Posted Sun 10 Mar 13 @ 1:20 am

We are coming up with an online Dj gear shop specially for indian Dj's
Its going to be one stop shop for all the Dj's in india.

The website will be up fully running by end of this month .

All pro Dj products will be available with genuine lowest price.

Some of the Dj & pro audio brands we deal with

pioneer, Numark , native instruments , Denon, hercules , Akai , Alesis , qsc , mackie & lots more.

Do create your account with the below link.

if you require any information about any dj products mail us at or call us at + 91 7200088853.

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