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Topic: Numark NDX800 Sound Setup Help
ex700PRO InfinityMember since 2008
I am just got my 2 new Numark ndx800 and it works great with vdj 7 as a midi controler but how do I get each decks sound back to my mixer. Dose the ndx have a built-in sound card. There is no output at the ndx RCA output when I am using them to control VDJ. I also get a ASIO driver error message - no sound card connected. I am using a hp laptop.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 11 @ 2:44 pm
NDX800's do not have any soundcards built in, you will need to purchase a suitable ASIO sound card - Numark DJIO, Hercules 4/6 Trim, Native Intruments Audio 2, 4 or 8, etc.

After installing the drivers supplied with the soundcard, you will need to alter the sound config in VirtualDJ to make use of your new soundcard.

I hope this helps.


Posted Mon 17 Jan 11 @ 6:34 am
ex700PRO InfinityMember since 2008
I used the Numark DJ I/O and it worked great. Thanks Simon.

Posted Thu 20 Jan 11 @ 12:46 am

hey will the MAYA44 sound card be ok with 2 x NDX800 via midi control.

Posted Fri 22 Apr 11 @ 7:10 am
Yes, the Maya44 will work OK - It has two stereo outputs so that you can output the left and right decks separately to an external DJ mixer.

However, if you are not using an external mixer and wish to use the internal software mixer in VirtualDJ itself, you will need Numark DJIO or Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ instead.

NOTE: To use NDX-800's, multi-channel sound cards and an external mixer setup, you will need the full VirtualDJ Professional:

The above can be tried for 10 minutes at a time in Home FREE as a trial of the full VirtualDJ Professional:

Posted Fri 22 Apr 11 @ 12:19 pm
Im new to all of this and was wondering if you guys could help me.
I just got 2 numark ndx800 and a numark m6usb mixer. im trying to set everything up on my desktop (witch is an HP touchsmart600). I keep getting "Error in the ASIO sound driver: Your soundcard is probably not connected, or the setting are incorrect." Ilooked on line to see what sound card i have if any and it shows AVerMedia A323 MiniCard Hybrid ATSC and also realtek high definitionn audio.... i unfortunatly have no idea what that means or if thats even a sound card or what.... Am i doing something wrong or is it just that i dont have a sound card or i do but i just have to get another one? Thanks in advance!!

Posted Thu 23 Jan 14 @ 3:45 pm
The reason you're getting an ASIO error message is that you don't have an ASIO sound card.

The Realtek one is your sound card, and that's not ASIO.

The AVerMedia device is a TV tuner (Google tells me).

Your mixer has one USB audio channel, so you could use that for the VDJ master output and maybe use your Realtek for cueing.

Posted Fri 24 Jan 14 @ 11:29 am
how do i set up my numark NDX 800 w/ external mixer to vdj 8

Posted Sun 03 Jul 16 @ 1:39 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Posted Mon 04 Jul 16 @ 3:25 am
pls who can help tell me what to do about this my numark ndx800 when i connect it to my computer to use the midi with virtual dj 8 pro infinity, the player will be showing connecting only nothing work but it work with ndx9 it worked very well

Posted Tue 12 Jul 16 @ 6:49 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Some old Numark units had detection issues, with drivers conflicting with other Hardware devices (like Camera, Bluetooth, Wifi, Logiteck products etc).
I would suggest to step by step disabling devices from Device Manager, switching USB ports etc, until the unit gets detected properly.

Cleaning USB History (google for USBlivion or similar app) may help us well

Posted Tue 12 Jul 16 @ 7:51 pm
dj dad thanks but i use that same computer with another player like ndx900 it worked very well then i used another computer with that ndx800 it still showing connecting it should from the player

Posted Tue 19 Jul 16 @ 6:18 pm