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Topic: How do you put Plug Ins and Effects that I downloaded off website into Virtual Dj 7?
I bought the full version of Virtual Dj and I can Download some of the effects and samples. I own a Mac and This is the first time Ive bought the pro version but I have nooooo clue how to get it into Virtual Dj Someone Please help me I'm a noob at this stuff im sure you guys have answered this question a 100000 times but please help thanks :)

Posted Tue 11 Jan 11 @ 9:00 pm
Effects can be downloaded from

Please ensure that the effect(s) that you download are Mac compatible. Those that are compatible will have a floppy disk download icon with an Apple logo.

To install an effect, simply copy the file EffectName.bundle to the following folder:

MacintoshHD -> Users -> YOUR USER NAME -> Documents -> VirtualDJ -> Plugins -> AudioEffect

NOTE: If VirtualDJ is currently running, you will need to restart it for the new effect to show up in the list.

To install a skin, simply copy the downloaded skin .ZIP file to the following folder:

MacintoshHD -> Users -> YOUR USER NAME -> Documents -> VirtualDJ -> Skins

NOTE: Copy the .ZIP file itself - Don't open it or extract its contents.

To load new samples, please do the following:

(1) Download the appropriate samples from the samples download area and save these in an appropriate folder on your hard disk, e.g: /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Samples

(2) In VirtualDJ, go to the Sampler section.

(3) Click on the bullet button to the top-right of the sample slot you wish to load a sample into. Choose Load from the pop-up menu.

(4) Browse to where you saved the samples (I.e: /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Samples]) and choose the sample you wish to load.

Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 4:13 am
Thank you for the help software is amazing just wish you guys at the no beat and no words for MAC. Thank u again for the help got everything :)

Posted Wed 12 Jan 11 @ 5:11 pm
Hello, I have purchased Pioneer DDJ ERGO and I got virtual Dj LE license but I want to upgrade it to Vritual Dj Pro Full Version, What is the procedure? and How much it will cost?

Posted Fri 23 Aug 13 @ 10:20 am

Posted Fri 23 Aug 13 @ 11:41 am
how do i intall my own samples in virtual dj 7.4 le

Posted Fri 13 Sep 13 @ 11:28 am
Sorry, VirtualDJ LE is limited software and doesn't support loading/saving samples outside of the 20 day trial of the full VirtualDJ Pro.

If your trial is currently active, simply click on the bullet button at the top of the appropriate sample slot and choose Load to browse for a sample to load.

You can upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro at a discount by going to:

Posted Fri 13 Sep 13 @ 12:08 pm
clemuthControlleristMember since 2014
how do i load my own samples or effect virtual 8

Posted Fri 03 Apr 15 @ 6:23 pm