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Topic: APC20
I got an APC20 and I'm trying to map it. I get how to map arbitrary midi buttons to various effects, using the learn key I've got rows of buttons mapped already.

My problem is the LEDs. As far as I can tell, a command like this:
wheel_mode 'browser' ? on & deck left wheel_mode 'jog' & deck right wheel_mode 'jog' : off & deck left wheel_mode 'browser' & deck right wheel_mode 'browser'

Should basically turn a button into a toggle switch. But it doesn't. The code runs fine, the wheel_mode toggles, but the LED never turns on.

How can I get it to send the correct command back to the device?

Posted Wed 29 Dec 10 @ 8:16 pm
Have you made a proper definition file for this device? (See )

If not, then LED's will not work. Simple MIDI Wrapper does not not support LED's and other advanced MIDI features.

In the definition, the LED entry in the definition must also have default="buttonname" to associate it with a button so that it lights up automatically depending on the function(s) the button is mapped to. Otherwise the LED must be mapped separately.

For further information on VDJscript, including examples of common mappings, please see:

Posted Thu 30 Dec 10 @ 9:51 am