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Topic: Hardstyle

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Posted Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 12:39 am
hardstyle has to be one of the easiest styles to mix as every track is structured the same since jump style took over the harder clubs, all it does is go... gonk de gonk de gonk de gonk do do do do do da da. To mix it you just need to mix the intros and outros as it usually sounds weird if you mix early because of the sounds they use to produce it sound horrible when they are clashing, so only ever play one bassline at a time. Lastly hardstyle is made for the crowd not the dj so limit the number of tricks you do, effects sound good when used in the right places but less is always more as the tracks are already highly produced, it can also sound cool if you cut tracks for a fill every now and then. If you get bored of gonk and believe me, eventually you will try some techno it's way more fun to dj! get some wehbba, Boriqua Tribez and Pedro Delgardo in your soul, If you have to stay with hard shit at least play some Vandall, kamui, scot project and derb

Posted Tue 16 Nov 10 @ 3:16 am
what about electro house? i know its off topic but it seems to be decently easy too. Whats the hardest thing to mix?

Posted Wed 17 Nov 10 @ 12:47 am
HIP HOP.... easily because it has so many variations of tempo, but hard style, techno, trance, breaks, dnb, house... any thing with a genre is usually made to a formula and will fit anything else in that genre. if your just starting mixing pay attention to the bpm's then later you can mix genres and start to worry about mixing in key so you have a full progression of sound through your set... PS don't mix hardstyle and electro, they sound way too different and are at different bpm's, If you want to get there I would play a couple of trancy tracks to build into hardstyle... If you need to change bpms I recommend doing it during a build up and doing it as slow as you possibly can.

Posted Sat 20 Nov 10 @ 9:44 pm
Seana23PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hi Babe.
Yes, as said previously,Trance, Techno, Hardstyle, Hardhouse and Electro etc are quite easy as they are structured in a similar way...

Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Fidget, Breakbeat etc is more loose and informally srtuctured so can be a bit tricky...

Cross faders are usefull on Trance etc and Equalzers are usefull on the more informal styles as they can merge the tunes in a smoother way.

Cross faders can be used on the Looser styles to Break between tracks to form a mash-up style(changing between tracks quickly).

Hope that helps some.


Posted Mon 22 Nov 10 @ 8:13 am
I think hardhouse is the hardest to mix, because it's so hard to listen to... LOL! drum and bass is easy to mix because it sounds so amazing as its produced not for mass consumption like electro and hardstyle that just wants to be the hardest crazyiest sluttiest dumberest newerest thing, but because most of it is made with a love of good music! anyway thats my rant...

Posted Mon 22 Nov 10 @ 5:04 pm
I find Salsa to be the hardest to mix. Almost all of electronica (ie techno, hardstyle, house, dance..etc) is relatively easier to mix.

Since Salsa is a specific dance, in which the dancers are listening to the beat to do their moves, is hard to keep that same flow moving.

To the untrained dancer a simple beatmatch may sound ok, but to the one who knows how to dance Salsa will not like it. I've only heard a handful of dj's who can mix this correctly. Me NOT being one of them, lol

Posted Wed 24 Nov 10 @ 8:28 am

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