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Topic: Creating Acapella's and Instrumentals
Hey all, i am new to all this.

The reason i downloaded this is because i wanna make my own mash ups. Just for example i wanna be able to make stuff like this

So how can i edit songs where a can get just the vocals and no music in the background and vis versa?

Thanks for any help.

Posted Thu 21 Oct 10 @ 6:34 pm
there is no software like that out right now, u haveta actually buy the instrus and acapellas and work with them

Posted Mon 25 Oct 10 @ 6:19 pm
to make an acapella you need to have two versions of a track, you have to have the Vocal version and the instrumental...

what you then need to do is invert the wavefom of one of the two tracks and play them at exactly the same time...

An easy way to understand how this works is to understand the equation..
if vocal track is left untouched we can call this +1V
The instrumental will be inverted and therefore -1

1V-1 = V

that's the easy part... The trick to it is that you need to line up both songs exactly the same by zooming in as far as you can possibly go, when they are perfectly in sync with each other the negative instrumental will cancel the instrumental from the original track leaving the vocals untouched...

If you want to look into it further there are heaps of youtube vids explaining how this work...

If not you can get acapellas from its a free site with thousands of acapellas archived made using the above technique, If you know where to get rock instrumentals can you post it here, I haven't had a lot of luck finding them...



Posted Sat 30 Oct 10 @ 8:31 pm