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tmace64Home userMember since 2008
I already have the Pro version at my place of work. I need to build my club a computer that handles video. I downloaded the trial version to test playing video on my setup here at home. I'm a graphic animator - so I have video capabilities here at home,,,, a dual monitor video card, NTSC monitor - everything. WHY is the trial version only lasting 30 fricken seconds??!!!!

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 3:48 am
tmace64Home userMember since 2008
Very frustrating - a dead forum here. and only 30 fricken seconds to test with on your trial download. WHY THE HELL did you waste my time with download and installation???!!!!!

Nobody for guidance here on preparing for video mixing. And now - no trial to learn or test with either - sucks.

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 3:55 am
Please give people a chance to answer your questions. If you are a pro user then why don't you login with your username? I'm sure this will be answered soon please be patient

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 4:16 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Whats with spitting the dummy after only seven minutes, obviously being midweek a lot of the guys will be out at their day jobs and a lot will be still asleep states side, I'd hate to be your taxi driver turning up late, lol.

Right it looks like a dodgy install, try and reinstall it and see how that goes, if still no luck please put a ticket it in at support and explain your problem, you'll see the section at the top right of this page.

Failing that, will the club not give you use of a second copy, they are allowed to run two copys, just not at the same time. With you doing a new install for them seems a logical course of action.

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 4:42 am
mp3jrickPRO InfinityHonorary MemberMember since 2003
You are no stranger to our software.
I answered a ticket 16 months ago regarding the upgrade to Pro.
Currently we are having a bit a trouble with the trial kicking out and are unable to reset or extend it.
The plans are for this to be corrected soon and I apologize for the problem, but again you are no noob with our software and the need for a trial to base a purchase on seems kind of pointless in your case.

In the meanwhile, if you or anybody else wishes to drop 10 bucks, you can test the Netsearch Grooveshark features which has the ability to reset the trial as long as the subscription is active 30 days at a time.
Not sure why that works, but it does.

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 4:58 am
tmace64Home userMember since 2008
My boss upgraded to PRO, that's fine..... In a moment, I would like to insert my number and be a pro member here.

I absolutely love VDJ - no problem with your software or the awesome Hercules controller - both are absolutely SWEET!!!

I now need to upgrade my boss' computer to do Music Video Playing / Mixing.

Instead of just posting a question for this matter - I first went and read other people's questions / posts to this subject - and was worried to find that they weren't getting their questions answered. Even others were posting to these posts asmitting that they were "waiting" to get their questions answered. I felt as though I was already in a long line for getting help with this subject.

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 2:55 pm
tmace64Home userMember since 2008
It is kinda amazing that I actually got MORE replies to this post - while getting 'nothing' for my other post inquiring about building for mixing music videos - nothing replied there - yet - 5 replies here,,,,,, :(

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 2:57 pm
tmace64Home userMember since 2008
I must be doing something wrong. I went to modify my profile by using the 13 digit serial number that came with the PRO purchase - but I was told that the serial number is invalid.....??

Still looking for assistance on building for music video mixing.

Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 3:13 pm
mp3jrickPRO InfinityHonorary MemberMember since 2003
Sometimes if you go to the wrong place for answers you won't get any.
We have a fully staffed support group that can be accessed the same way as you did the last time, just click on support at the top of this page.

The serial you are trying to enter is invalid because the software was refunded a month after it was purchased through a charge back to us and was not in your name.
This leaves us no choice but to lock the license when this happens we do not initiate or issue refunds this comes from the user's cc company.

You can purchase the software and have a legit serial in minutes by clicking on the buy tab above also.

Hope this helps clarify things.


Posted Tue 28 Sep 10 @ 4:53 pm