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Topic: major latency problems..
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
hi guys, so ive finally worked out what the problem is with my sound quality.... latency..

a brief history i think first. i got the maya 44 pci cand and installed it, connected TCV and configured vdj. i kept getting really bad sound quality. (youve probably read the threads). so after a shed load of testing and new equipment and time, i sent the card off to ESI for testing. the card was just fine, nothing wrong there. so i got it back, well a replacement actually one that 100% worked and was tested also. so i set it up "again" and "again" the same crap sound.

upgraded to W7, set it up yet again and configured vdj, again, and what do you know? still the same.

so today ive been playing around with latency settings and trying different configs in vdj. several times i got the sound perfect, but after a short time the sound began becoming distorted again. as though the latency was being changed. the sound worked great for vdj and wmp but only for about 15 mins when it went bad again.

my question now, is this, is latency affected by background items?

for example. when i was watching a maya 44 setup vid on youtube to see if id missed anything. the sound was great. i scrolled down the page to read some comments and the sound went bad again.

could this be a ram issue? or a chipset issue?

my pc setup is 1gig ram and a 1.8 ghz processor. (which i plan to overclock to 2.25 once i get round to it).

should i be thinking about a new pc with an upgraded chip and ram.? or would a ram upgrade alone be sufficient?

thinking about it, both vista and W7 need a minimum of 1gig ram to run. i have the minimal ram requirement so this is starting to make me think its a ram issue im facing.

help please. thanks, john.

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 11:39 am
i'd recommend you to teamview with someone who has their pc working right and knows what they are doing so they can hook up to your pc and help you out.

off the bat i'd say it your pc is slow and could trigger a lot of things to go wrong... from changing your hard drive to be read pio mode... to who knows what....
Task Manager: try right clicking the program you have trouble with and set it at a High Priority and see how it behaves...

.also check that your program is the only one using the maya card. set the other sound card as the default sound car.
.etc etc..

if you jsut doubled or tripled your memory you wouldnt have these mysterious problems..

Posted Sun 14 Mar 10 @ 6:05 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
i plan to double my ram and see what happens, i just need to get some capital frist as ddr400 can be pretty pricey. (man it took a while to find this post again)

im getting a bit annoyed with my djing now as nothing seems to be going right at all with it latley. ive kind of given up on the djaying bit for a while and have been spending my time back at the gym doing mma. cant wait to get my setup actually "setup".

all i wanna do is build some nice sets and learn some more advanced techniques :(

think its about time i upgraded my pc completley but cloaterral is a bitch at the moment. anywho enough of my babbles...

whats this teamview you recomend???

Posted Tue 30 Mar 10 @ 4:07 am
l_ridsPRO InfinityMember since 2003
1gig ram is very small while using vista or win 7

Posted Tue 30 Mar 10 @ 7:16 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
yeah i know...sigh...ive thought about going back to xp. im going to play it like this at the moment, buy another 1gig ram. if it solves my problem then great. if not then i may head back to xp.

to be fair the entire time ive had problems with my sound card looks like it may have all been down to a ram issue.

it was only the other day i realised that both vista and w7 needed 1gig minimum ram to run the operating system. so more than likely the ram issue has been the cause of the problem all along.

i just need to find another gig of ram cheap or free... ddr400 anyone???

Posted Wed 31 Mar 10 @ 3:27 am
Just so you no i have a oldish dell Inspiron laptop which has 1gb of ram and a intel pentium m 1.73ghz processor with windows xp running on it.
It plays music with timecodes absolutly fine no probs wots so ever although i had to disable all network cards, modem and webcam in order to stop the latency spiking the red.

In my experiance with laptops the main things that effect latency are built in wireless cards and webcams

Posted Wed 31 Mar 10 @ 5:26 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
im running a custom desktop pc that i built about 2-3 years ago. and a pci audio card

Posted Wed 31 Mar 10 @ 6:58 am