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Topic: A note about keyboard shortcuts in 2.1

This topic is old and might contain outdated or incorrect information.

Please take note that some keyboard shortcuts are changed in 2.1

One of my favorites, SPACEBAR for sync, is now "play button"
For sync, its SHIFT+SPACEBAR

You can always change this back, if you like it to be otherwise

I removed the play function of SPACEBAR, and made SPACEBAR simply be sync

Some of your own custom shortcuts might also be removed, and are saved to Shortcuts_old.xml

So please pay some attention to shortcuts, and rebuild it like you want them to be

Posted Sat 07 May 05 @ 3:56 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
There are changes in shortcut actions and values for some of them.
- Like in loops.

Its a good idea to post in this topic all the changes to help users rebuild custom shortcuts.
(I will, but i'm not ready yet..)

btw. never liked defaults, i always used custom...

Posted Sat 07 May 05 @ 5:42 pm
I can start with one nice cool shortcut thats new ;)

You can now use ONE turntable with timecode to controll BOTH decks in Virtual DJ!

Make a keyboard shortcut using the TIMECODE_ACTIVE function to change decks
This function can also be added to skins, to that the skins will have a button for changing what deck should be controlled by timecode

:) nice new feature

Posted Sat 07 May 05 @ 8:34 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Oh Yeahh...
I saw the option in soundcards config but i didn't knew how it worked, and guess what...
Tonight i forgot to bring my timecode cd's and there is only 1 Technics in my dj booth..

I wanted the active deck to be also "timecode active"
Here is my workaround: there are 2 keys in my keyboard that can change the active deck,
the load (enter) key, and (in my case) the spacebar wich i use to toggle the active deck.
So i added "Timecode_active" commands to those keys, with value=1 (value=0 does on/off)
Now everytime the active deck is changed, by loading a track or manually, this deck also become "Timecode_active"....

But, i think there is a bug in TC indicator (for skins that show the TC status)
For example in my skin "Timecode Power" when i load the program "TC" status is on even
is Timecode control is off. Now using one turntable, both decks have the TC status but only one of them is really controlled by the timecode. (the same for other skins)

Now about loops,
I had values +2, +4, +8 in my keyboard shortcuts until now and it worked (for loops 2,4,8)
but NOT in version 2.1
I changed the values to 2,4,8 (without +) and is working again...

Posted Sun 08 May 05 @ 3:43 am
Thanks for the one turntable info dj-in-norway! I've been waiting for this for a while....


Posted Sun 08 May 05 @ 3:44 am

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