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Posted Thu 16 Apr 09 @ 12:54 am
I have a dj i/o interface with vdj that im running and 2 cdj 800's... I have all the right connections and the interface was installed correctly but I still get this error message ASIO: not enough channels.... please somebody help, I have a gig tomorrow... also the timecoded cds play correctly

PRO Infinity
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Posted Thu 16 Apr 09 @ 2:30 am
The DJ I/O does not have any inputs to use timecodes.
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Senior staff
Posted Thu 16 Apr 09 @ 4:37 am
As already said, you can't have hooked it up correctly because the DJ I/O only has a mic input. Hence the error message "Not Enough Channels" - there aren't enough input channels for a timecode setup.

You will need a better soundcard I'm afraid.

Also note that the demo version limits timecode use to 5 minutes IIRC.

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Posted Mon 13 Jul 09 @ 11:20 am
Hello people, I have 2 cdj 1000's and am trying to get the times codes to work i have burnt the pro discs as i know that these are the ones i need to use, the problem is i cannot get it to config properly as all i get is interference and lots of noise but no control what so ever, also the maya soundcard is being detected but then says i dont have enough channels

help please

PRO Infinity
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Posted Mon 13 Jul 09 @ 10:31 pm

Zelecta i jah cris
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Posted Sun 30 May 10 @ 9:31 pm
hello i just bought the dj io soundcard and it says the same thing not enough channels!! so i was wondering what sound card do i need ???

PRO Infinity
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Posted Tue 01 Jun 10 @ 11:13 pm
You need a 4 in/4 out sound card like the Numark virtual vinyl interface, maya usb 44, or giga port just to name a few