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PRO Infinity
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Posted Thu 19 Mar 09 @ 1:57 pm
I have upgraded to Virtual DJ Pro from PCDJ Red VRM which I have used for the past 5 years. I have used a DAC-3 with ECI Gigaport AG soundcard with PCDJ which they recommend connecting to 3&4 left and 5&6 right to give balanced output through both mixer channels which works perfectly. When connecting to 1&2 left and 3&4 right via Virtual DJ the two channels are highly in-balanced which requires the fader gain to be turned to maximum on left channel and minimum on right channel to balance the two channels.
1. Do I need to replace Gigaport AG soundcard for a Gigaport HD soundcard? Will this solve the problem?
2. Is there a way of assigning the channels in Virtual DJ to 3&4 to left and 5&6 to right, i.e. a patch or an update?


Steve Xcite
PRO Infinity
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Posted Thu 19 Mar 09 @ 3:31 pm
I seem to have the same problem with Gigaport as well..

Home user
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Posted Thu 19 Mar 09 @ 7:49 pm
Not sure whether the DAC-3 has anything to do with it, but when not using any external controller, the AG uses channels 1&2 and 5&6 when setting the output as an External Mixer with 4.1 Card. I believe that if you have it set in the configuration as a 3-lines mixer and a 6.1 card, it will use 1&2 and 3&4 without any balancing issues. This is in Windows XP.

Steve Xcite
PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Fri 20 Mar 09 @ 8:39 am
ok i will try that m8 .. thanx its not much of a problem where i work anyway... there system is set to mono so you can realy

PRO Infinity
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Posted Fri 20 Mar 09 @ 9:01 pm
gigaport ag + asio driver v.2.8.17, work for win xp and vista.
link asio drivers

PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Sun 22 Mar 09 @ 2:29 am
Dear Everyone

Thanks for all your help.
After looking through all your help and a look on other threads this is what I did:
1. I downloaded the latest Asio Driver
2. After installing the Asio driver check you have dac3.dll in the ControlDevice folder
(Vista) - Documents, Virtual DJ, Plugins, ControlDevice
(XP) - My Documents, Virtual DJ, Plugins, ControlDevice

If you don't have the dac3.dll in that folder you can download the file. There will be multiple files in the .zip folder which you download. You want to copy dac3.dll to the file path above. You can download it here:

*Note you may have to reconfig your Asio driver after this not sure why but mine reset itself*

Once again thanks for all you help and I hope this helps everyone

dj frankie raciti
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Posted Mon 03 Jan 11 @ 9:39 pm
I am using Virtual DJj, Windows 7 and Gigaport AG. I believe I have the correct drivers downloaded. Can anyone tell me what the wiring configurations are? I have tried different combinations, with no success.

Thank You!

LE user
Member since 2012

Posted Fri 02 Aug 13 @ 6:20 pm
im new to the digital dj n im looking for a gigaport that is compatible with my dac 3 n vdj. i want to upgrade to the pro full version but id like to have my gear ready to perform..thnx for your help....