Welcome to VirtualDJ's CloudLists

Welcome to VirtualDJ's CloudLists.

The CloudLists are a place where DJs can show their playlists to the world, and help new DJs improve their music selection. You can create your own CloudList to display your own list, or you can ask to join more general CloudLists to start to contribute to larger groups.

CloudLists with #Soul

  Disco Dance ...Today 20 songs 3 subscribers 2Ks, 90s, Club, Dance, Disco, Funk, Soul
  70s Disco Dance... 39 songs 85 subscribers 70s, Club, Dance, Disco, Funk, Soul
  DJ Greg - 80s & 90s 92 songs 73 subscribers Dance, Electronic, Hip, Pop, R, Rap, Rock, Soul
  DJ Greg - Club 380 songs 105 subscribers Dance, Electronic, Electronica, Hip, House, Pop, R, Rap, Soul, Techno
  80s Disco Dance... 80 songs 166 subscribers 80s, Club, Dance, Disco, Funk, Soul