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Make comments wrote on Fri 24 May 19 Boa noite
sou lutcho
queria saber como fazer para participar da radio
Blue Angel (est.1975) wrote on Sat 18 May 19
JustJeffthedj wrote on Wed 13 Feb 19 Breaking it down-downtown, Thanks VDJ-8
DJ JEFFINSKY wrote on Fri 08 Feb 19 DJ jeffinsky says Hello
ZUN€1980 wrote on Tue 18 Dec 18 Dj ZUN€ saying big hello!!
TJame wrote on Sat 10 Nov 18 Hello to all.
Wanted to introduce myself.
Here in Rhode Island. Spun my first piece of vinyl back in 1978. Here to house Rhode Island. The music scene here is TIRED. I had to come and show the folks the road back.
Will be doing a show from 7pm to 11pm Friday's and Saturdays. Tonight from 7 to 9 is a preview for the folks. I'm gonna burn their ears off!
dj richoferns wrote on Mon 29 Oct 18
WLOZMG wrote on Sun 28 Oct 18 how do you podcast
g.wizking wrote on Fri 28 Sep 18 how do I get start on the RADIO
Feady Crocka wrote on Thu 12 Jul 18 Hey Everybody just want to introduce myself
fjirik wrote on Mon 09 Apr 18 Nice... Bucovina .. nice!
dj git it right wrote on Fri 09 Feb 18 hi
peterdrahos wrote on Mon 05 Feb 18 Hallo all, Happy New Year
peterdrahos wrote on Mon 05 Feb 18 Hallo all, Happy New Year
REPTILENEL wrote on Fri 08 Dec 17 Have a Awesome weekend peeps, keep spinning!