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Mon 21st Javier Dj - Controlando Mixº 2016 Played by javier be on Mon 21st Nov 2016
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Faithless Insomnia (Javier Dj Remix)

Gramophonedzie Why Dont You (Javier Dj Remixº)

2 Unlimited Tribal Dance (Javier Dj Remix)

Shanna Living Without You (Javier Dj Remixº)

Blancmange Living On The Ceiling (Javier Dj Remixº)

Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper (Javier Dj Remixº)

Javier Dj Groove Is In The Heart Mixº

Javier Dj Rhythm is a Dancer Mixº

Scooby Snacks Fun Lovin' Criminals (Javier Dj Remixº)

Pink Get The Party Started (Javier Dj Remixº)

Doin' The Do Betty Boo (Javier Dj Remixº)

Curiosity.Killed.The.Cat Down.To.Earth (Javier Dj Remixº)
 American Trad Rock

javier Dj Irish Adventure Mix º

Robbie Rivera Move Move (Javier Dj Remixº)

Prince Kiss Mixº (Javier Dj Remix)

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