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Q: How do I install a Plugin for VirtualDJ 7 ?

First, you will need to be a registered licensed user to be able to download free add-ons. Please register your serial number or purchase VirtualDJ.

Add-ons can be downloaded from the Plugins section of the website.

Please check that the add-on that you are downloading is compatible with your version of VirtualDJ and the Operating System that you are using.

For example, a skin designed for VirtualDJ v7 will not work with VirtualDJ v5, and an effect that is only available for PC (Windows logo floppy disk download icon only) will not work on an Apple Mac.

NOTE: Add-ons designed for very old versions of VirtualDJ (E.g: v2.x) may not work optimally with the latest versions of the software.


Most add-ons for Windows PC come as an installation package that will automatically install the add-on for you. Simply double-click on the file that you downloaded to install it. You will need to restart VirtualDJ for it to appear in the list.

To install a sample, please see: PC Install Sample


Please see:

Mac Install Skin
Mac Install Effect
Mac Install Sample

NOTE: VirtualDJ LE or Console Edition is free limited software and does not support using custom skins, effects, samples, etc. (Except during the 20 day trial of the full VirtualDJ Pro.) To be able to do this, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional.

To install a custom mapper for a MIDI controller, please see: How do I install a custom mapper.

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