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Topic: Lost Registration Code and Password to login: NEED HELP BAD!!!!!

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I bought VDJ 7.03 Pro almost 2yrs ago and I decided now i want to upgrade to the New Version. But I am unable to Login to This Website to upgrade my VDJ Pro because I forgot My Password ( I do Have My Login But Not password) I've Tried the " Forggot your Password Thing" and it says "an email has been sent to your email address with your password" but My aol address wont receive the emails, I've even checked my spam and no emails, So i had to Create a New login just to post on this forum, So I tried looking for my registration code and I cant find it neither, in The VDJ in Tab its say's its registered to My Aol Email Address......Please Help! How do I fix these issues?

Posted Mon 25 Feb 13 @ 6:59 am

Posted Mon 25 Feb 13 @ 7:03 am

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