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 Simple MIDI Wrapper Endless Encoder Knobs and Jogwheels

Last edit by dian3456, Limited edition user on Tue 26 Aug 14 @ 4:19 am

Simple MIDI wrapper only supports very basic MIDI such as buttons, sliders and knobs with a min/max stopping point. Other features such as endless encoder knobs, jogwheels and LED's ideally require a controller definition to work optimally: ControllerDefinitionMIDI

However, you can map an endless encoder knob in Simple MIDI Wrapper by using the following:

param_greater 50% ? action 1 : action 2


param_greater 50% ? browser_scroll +1 : browser_scroll -1

And you can map a jogwheel using the following:

param_greater 50% ? jogwheel +0.1% : jogwheel -0.1%

For a dual-deck controller, you will need to add the appropriate deck in front of each action:

deck left param_greater 50% ? deck left jogwheel +0.1% : deck left jogwheel -0.1%
deck right param_greater 50% ? deck right jogwheel +0.1% : deck right jogwheel -0.1%

For a touch-sensitive jogwheel, you will need to use touchwheel instead of jogwheel in the above mappings and also map touchwheel_touch to the touch sensor.

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