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 How to upload an Effect

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Q: How to upload/submit an Effect for VirtualDJ 8 ?

If you have created an Audio Effect, Video Effect, Video Transition or a Visualization for VirtualDJ 8 and you wish to share it with the VirtualDJ Community, please upload it to our Add-ons page by following the next steps:

  • Visit the Upload Add-ons page (you need to be logged in)

  • Select Effect as the type of Add-on and choose one of the available categories.(required)

  • Type a name for your Effect (required). Use a simple, short and unique name. Avoid reserved words such as Default and VirtualDJ. If the name is already available, you will be notified on submission so that you change it to a new one.

  • Description, Image and Hastags
  • Provide a short description (optional) of the basic features of your Effect (no more than a couple of short lines - you will be able to provide further details and instructions after approval in the Comments topic)
  • Provide an image for your Effect that will be visible in the Add-ons listing (required). Can be a very simple image with just the Effect Name on it. Prefer an image of 16:9 aspect ratio (it will be resized to a 16:9 if a different one is provided).
  • Optionally, provide any Hastags (Search Key words) separated by comma. e.g. Stripes, Vertical in case you provide a Video Effect or Transition that uses Vertical stripes

  • Select the User's License Level that your Effect will be available to. E.g. select PRO users only if you wish to share your Effect with the Pro Infinity users only or All Users if you want to share it with all users regardless of any purchased License.

  • Provide the .dll (for Windows) and/or the .bundle (for Mac OSX) file. Effects are accepted even if one of the files is provided. If additional files are necessary for the Effect to work, compress all files (including the .dll or .bundle) into a zip file.

  • Provide any information (optional) about the Effect that would help VirtualDJ Team to review your creation. These info will not be visible in public.

  • Click on the Submit button


    Rules to follow :

    • Only submit once. if you submit the Add-on more than one time then all version will be removed and not considered. And then you can re-submit.

    • It is your responsibility to review the status of your submissions. There are notes that may be left in the description that need attention on your Add-on. Do not expect a comment to be placed in a forum thread. Once you have made the corrections, then simply remove the comment made in the Description field when you update your submission. If no corrections are made in a reasonable amount of time - the submission will be removed.

    • Submit only original creations and not Add-ons found over the Internet not created by you.


    • Do not share your creations by providing public links (such as Dropbox and other Sharing media) in VirtualDJ forums. If you wish to receive any feedback from users, please upload your creation to the Add-ons page by marking it as Beta, or use Personal messages with Licenses users.
    • Open a topic in the Plugins Forum if you wish to get feedback, provide information or ask any questions about your Add-on.
    • Once your Effect is uploaded, VirtualDJ Team will test and approve within a reasonable time (depending on the amount of submitted Addons) and will make the skin available in our Add-ons page.
    • VirtualDJ Team holds the right to reject your submission without notice, in case the submitted Add-on is not filling the requirements mentioned in each of the categories. In case you wish to ask any question regarding a rejected Add-on, please contact Support
    • Updates go through the same approval process as if you had the Add-on submitted for the first time. So if you update your Add-on, keep in mind that there may be a delay for them to be available.

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