ContentUnlimited is not working

Q. ContentUnlimited is not working and/or I get a stream unavailable error message

First, please ensure that you have the latest version of VirtualDJ installed. Older versions of VirtualDJ prior to v7.4 do not support the karaoke and video plans. Audio plan is supported in VirtualDJ v6.1 and above. Using the latest version of VirtualDJ is strongly recommended.

Next, make sure that your subscription plan(s) are still active. If there is a problem billing your credit card, then your subscription plan may have expired. Please contact support for assistance.

Make sure that your anti-virus and/or firewall software is not blocking VirtualDJ from connecting to the Internet to stream the file. Some Internet Service Providers may also block access. This is particularly common for some mobile/cellphone Internet services.

It's also possible that the service may temporarily be down or there is a problem with content provider's servers. Please try again later.

NOTE: You should not rely on ContentUnlimited as your only source of music. You can also avoid problems like this by caching the music to disk that you may need in advance rather than streaming it all live.

NOTE: The free additional content provided via the NetSearch folder is a free bonus for ContentUnlimited subscribers and is used at your own risk. Because this content is streamed from various free services, it may stop working from time-to-time due to changes made to the provider's websites. To resolve this problem usually requires an update to VirtualDJ itself. You should not rely on this free bonus additional content to perform your gigs.

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