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Denon DJ - MC-4000  


The pre-defined Audio configuration of VirtualDJ 8 for the Denon DJ MC4000 provides the ability to record your mix without any further adjustments.

However, since both Microphone and AUX Inputs of the Denon DJ MC4000 are directly routed to the Master Output of the unit (Hardware Inputs), those cannot be controlled from VirtualDJ nor included in the Audio Setup.

If you wish to record both the software mix and the Inputs (Microphones and Aux) at the same time, you will need to:
  • Route the Booth Output of the MC4000 to a Line Input of a different sound card (could be the MIC/LINE Input of your computer’s built-in sound card) using suitable cables
  • Add a Record Line to the Audio Setup using the Input of the 2nd sound card.

Hardware Integration Department

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