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Topic: VDJ Script Editor Cursor is Broken
Hey VDJ Team!

I'm using a Mac with VDJ Pro installed.

The cursor in the VDJ script editor (for creating custom mappers) gets out of sync with the current text line being edited... the more lines down in the editor, the more out of sync it is (see attached screenshots).

This is super annoying when I'm trying to customize my software and writing long scripts since I have to manually track which line the cursor is editing.

Please help, thanks!

Posted Sat 28 May 22 @ 4:04 pm
Here are the screenshots mentioned above:


Posted Sat 28 May 22 @ 4:05 pm
I can confirm having this problem too. On both an Intel and a M1 Max. Actually I've had this issue for a WHILE, on the order of years.

I have gotten around it by copying/pasting my scripts from TextEdit (making sure to turn Smart Quotes OFF). But it would be a lot easier with the contextual help and code coloring in VDJ.

Posted Sun 29 May 22 @ 12:58 pm
Same here. If i resize the edit window by dragging it wider it usual works if the text isn't too long.

Posted Mon 30 May 22 @ 7:33 pm