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Topic: Uploading
When I upload a song on a deck the song is not available to play tell 10 to 15 seconds this has put me in trouble cause when I decide to change songs last minute how do I fix this

Posted Mon 22 Nov 21 @ 12:08 am
As you've not provided any details about the spec of your computer, or whether the track is stored on your hard drive or streamed from somewhere, it's either because you have stems enabled and your graphics card and/or CPU is not powerful enough to analyse the file quickly, or you have a slow internet connection - possibly both.

Posted Tue 23 Nov 21 @ 8:15 pm
It sounds like it's making stems. That can take a little while.

Posted Wed 08 Dec 21 @ 11:22 am
do you guys now how to fix it

Posted Sun 12 Dec 21 @ 12:15 am
asus computer gaming i7 core rtx 2080 this is the computer i have

Posted Sun 12 Dec 21 @ 12:56 am
rtx 2060

Posted Sun 12 Dec 21 @ 7:44 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You don't have to wait for it to finish loading though. You can start playing immediately

Posted Sun 12 Dec 21 @ 8:08 am
it doesn't start loading the song the song is on the deck but the loading part doesn't start tell 10 sec later Ive check everything i believe my computer is big enough and also the cpu bar on virtual dj screen barley gets a little green been trying to figure this out over a year know it al started after i got a new computer and downloading 2021

Posted Mon 13 Dec 21 @ 1:41 pm
Perhaps you're trying to stream a song from an online source (like IDJ Pool) while you don't have an active plan ?
In this case, the track will only stream the first few seconds as a preview.

Mind you, that when you perform a search in VirtualDJ and no local results are found, VirtualDJ tries to search Online pools as well.
So, maybe that's your issue..

Posted Mon 13 Dec 21 @ 2:00 pm