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Topic: Bigger wave display for SC6000/M like in standalone mode

I like the big Wave of DENON ENGINE STANDALONE MODE, SC6000/SC6000M

The Denon SC5000 Screen.zip SKIN, that is auto installed when you plug a SC5000/M or SC6000/M in COMPUTER MODE doesn't use the big SCREEN of SC6000.

We should have 3 screen options : FULL / BASIC and this new BIG WAVE like DENON ENGINE :

see here i've modified the default Atomix SKIN for SC6000, with just 8 Deckbutton (cue, Roll....) and not the sampler / instruments that could be opened in other view windows ... :

Denon SC5000 Screen Beta VIDEO DEMO, with X3 Height mod for Wave Display bigger than default VDJ SKIN of 09/2020 :


Could you add in VDJ factory SKIN preset (like this VIDEO show) in next update this choice to have a BIG WAVE like DENON ENGINE STANDALONE MODE :)

I'm sure you will :)



Posted Mon 12 Oct 20 @ 5:04 pm

Posted Wed 14 Oct 20 @ 9:23 pm
How do I get this to work on the SC5000’s??

This is awesome!!

Posted Thu 15 Oct 20 @ 5:30 pm
Hi Oli, where can I please download the skin, very cool job

Posted Mon 19 Oct 20 @ 8:31 pm
Hey Olivier,
could you please share the fork of the skin, please?


Posted Tue 19 Oct 21 @ 7:51 pm
As stated in the other thread where you commented about the screen becoming unusable, the Denon screen has a low refresh rate, so Atomix chose to use a small waveform to avoid problems.

Displaying a big waveform is not advisable.

Posted Tue 19 Oct 21 @ 8:58 pm
Thanks for answering.

In reality, I wanted to have another version of the skin simply to understand how the change has been made as I'd like to tweak the skin for myself.

I believe that the size of the waveforms in the default skins are appropriate.

Posted Tue 19 Oct 21 @ 9:26 pm