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Topic: Custom buttons
Talking about the default pro 2021 skin. Basically, have an option to add custom buttons. Maybe our own?

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 9:51 am
You have unlimited amount of custom buttons.. . :)

First each custom button can be layered to have multiple buttons per button...

And secondly you can add as many custom buttons as your heart desire at the pads ;-)

(not 2021 thing, custom button been 4 on deck last half a decade or more, ever since feature was added in version 8)

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 11:04 am
It would be nice to have a few options/variations of custom controls for the 'user' panel on the default skin.

Right now, it's just a fixed single horizontal fader and four buttons. What if the users wants two faders? Or four knobs instead of buttons?

I know there is at least one skin which offers users a choice of knob, fader or button, and the ability to add more. I can't remember which skin.

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 11:28 am
Rune, visually at the same time you can only see 8 custom buttons and i still have to edit the XML of the skin to make them act as a custom button per deck. Maybe the skin can have an option to add more custom buttons on the top bar which is empty so it doesn't clutter? Another thing i still don't like is how big the waveform is. It would be nice to have an option for it to be a bit smaller and have more browser information. Or if you wanna to guide me of how to change that myself I'm willing to do it.

Fruit skin has options like that. That's why i still use it. 6 years now and i still use that skin and I'll still use probably in 2021.

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 4:33 pm