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Topic: FAQ about VirtualDJ 2021

This topic is old and might contain outdated or incorrect information.

Can I install it separately from VirtualDJ 2020 ?

While technically you could, what we recommend is that instead you let VirtualDJ 2021 replace 2020, and if you want to go back to 2020, inside the options, search for "mathEngine" and set it to "disabled", that will bring you back to *exactly* the same as the current released version of vdj2020.
You can then switch back and forth between 2020 and 2021 by just changing this setting.

I updated but my version still says 2020

VirtualDJ 2021 on is only working in 64bits.
The old 32bit legacy version will keep updating for the near future with important bug fixes and small features, so the build numbers will match their 2021 64bit equivalent, but it will stay on 2020 and will not get all the new features based on stem separation.
(it would be technically impossible to optimize the new stem engine on a 32bit platform to acceptable levels)
We strongly recommend updating to 64bits.
If you're still using 32bit because you have some plugins that are 32bit only, consider writing to the plugins author asking if there's a 64bit version of this plugin available.

Does VirtualDJ 2021 requires some specific hardware ?

VirtualDJ 2021 will run on any laptop or desktop, windows or mac. No specific hardware required.
That being said, since it uses a lot of powerful technology, it is recommended to use on a computer that is less than 5 years old, otherwise the stem separation process will not be instant and you will see a visible loading time of the order of a few seconds. (it still doesn't prevent you from using it, it's just cosmetic).
But if you're serious about your DJing, you shouldn't mix on a computer that is so old anyway. For example, how old is your phone? Is having the latest technology in your phone more important for your DJing career than having the latest technology in the computer with which you mix?
On a modern 2019 computer, the separation is completely real-time.
VirtualDJ 2021 will hardware-accelerate the computations using your GPU if it finds it's fast enough, so for windows systems we recommend using a gamer laptop with nvidia 9xx or above (most gamer laptops today on the $700 price-range come with a 16xx), and for mac systems we recommend a recent MacBook with AMD graphics, or an Apple Silicon M1 processor.

Is the VirtualDJ algorithm the same as spleeter/audionamix/djay/izotope/etc ?

VirtualDJ took inspiration from the existing state-of-the-art research, and spent half a year writing our own algorithms hand-optimizing it to every potential hardware our customers might have, to make sure we made it possible to be used in real-time on normal DJs' equipment.
Unlike the above-mentioned algorithms, VirtualDJ will run instantly and in real-time, locally and on any hardware.
On a modern computer with a good graphic card, VirtualDJ will perform the full separation of an entire track in less than a second.
It also separates the hihat from the kicks, which is a very important stem for DJs, but usually is not present in academic opensource researches (and therefore not present in the implementations derived from those).

Posted Fri 19 Jun 20 @ 8:16 am
And for people wondering about the speed of the new algorithm.
Like we said, it all depends on the age of your laptop.
We optimized it so that it's fully instant on a modern computer, but can still work on 6-7 years old computers (with a load time under 10s).

Here is what it looks like on a modern laptop, to reanalyze and re-separate the track fully each time it is loaded (this video doesn't use the pre-compute option):

Posted Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 6:15 am

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