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Topic: DDJ-T1 Support
I am using the DDJ-T1 Controller with this mapping
It is not working the way that it should in the free pro trial version i still have from my previous controller, if someone could help me out with this id love to upgrade to the full pro version but if i can't get this to work there isn't a point.
If i am playing 3 tracks and unload track A and load another one on track A, the initial touch i have with the jogwheel of said track moves track B instead.
This is what i need help with if someone can look into this for me over teamviewer or such that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted Wed 28 Aug 19 @ 7:20 pm
well have three of the ddj t1s and a proper version of virtual dj . I know the auto version is fine as im using it right now. I re mapped a few things. you have a controller licences?

Posted Tue 10 Sep 19 @ 2:55 am