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Topic: VDJ Dark Skin - Adding elements to the info window

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I'm currently using the VDJ Dark skin, what I would like to ask and see if there is anyone out there that can add additional info elements to the display window, you know the section where it display the Artist & Track etc.
So as there is space within this window, I was hoping that I could add additional info from the tag editor section, for example the year etc.

Ideally I would like the following info adding to this space (if possible) ?

Is this do-able, I looked at the skin editor/creator app, but I simply can't get my head around it at all, if someone could please guide/help me or better still, just add those 3 elements I mention above to that area, that would be wonderful.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 11:47 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 1:02 pm
My advice would be to take a screengrab of the skin when it's maximized (1920x1080), then load that image into (e.g.) Photoshop, which will give you the pixel coordinates for the positions where you're considering adding the extra text.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 1:31 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
There will be less position issues by using the background/elements image from the skin itself to get the coordinates, as it is not resized in any way

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 2:15 pm
That may have been the best way for pre-8 skins, that were drawn "complete", with both 'normal' and 'on' images...............but in VDJ 8 where all you have is a blank background, and all the other elements are separate, it's not possible to see where everything goes simply by looking at the graphics file.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 2:30 pm
Thanks guys for your input, but I'll be totally honest with you, I have no idea what you are referring to or mean :-( my knowledge of computer stuff like this is non-existent and although I have looked at it, I don't understand any of it, I'm afraid...I so wish I did, but I don't.

I was hoping that someone would perhaps have a go at adding these additional things onto the skin for me, as I'm sure it would be reasonably easy for someone in the know

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 4:05 pm
I would suggest then that you try another skin - such as V8 but by FRUiT, which has many built in options to change the appearance. You can select a dark background, and you can change the info on the decks.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 5:18 pm
Hi, yeah just been looking at that, the skin editor is much more user friendly, and I've been playing around with it. However I still can't as there isn't an option for me to do what I want to do, it would seem it's one or the other.
I'm wanting those 3 additional bits of info adding to the display window and I can't do that, not even with the editor, I would still presume it is, but again it requires "coding" to some degree.
However, thank you for pointing me in that direction with that skin, it is great for playing about with, but as I say I still can't get what I want to display, I did have this on an old skin, perfectly on VDJ 7 (It's a skin that I can't use on VDJ 8 btw, so it's not a matter of just using this on 8, it just doesn't work, which is a shame)

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 6:15 pm
I can't actually see how it would be possible to add three more bits of into into the existing window in VDJ Dark, as currently it's used for just the artist and title info - which can fill it completely if the artist/title text is long enough. Where would the three other parts go?

VDJ 7 skins should work fine in VDJ 8. Most of the code is still compatible. It's the older ones that can cause issues. Which skin is it?

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 7:15 pm
I use a modified version of "Blocks" by djdad which contains your criteria and displays it just below artist & title.

It pulls in the year, comment and genre

Just let me know if you would like a copy to try it out. It's only a two deck skin though.


Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 7:48 pm

This is the skin I had on VDJ7 and you can see that all the info easily fitted within that space, I appreciate if the artist & title is a little bit longer, then yeah it could be an issue, but it rarely was.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 8:19 pm
The skin is question that I used on VDJ7 was called VideoVision6 and although it does actually work within 8, as you can see from the full screen snapshot, the space for the browser etc is extremely small and when you are actually working, it's just not practical, hence why I don't use that skin at all now on VDJ8

As I'm a video jock, I like bigger preview screens or as big as possible, as scratching & mixing to some degree is not what I'm or my functions are about

And yes Kradcliffe I would appreciate a copy of your modified skin if that's Ok, I can see that skin has a few of things I need and you have added some more.

As long as it has the year, genre & comments field on it (along with the obvious of Artist & title) then that'd be spot on, anything else is a bonus I guess

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 8:26 pm

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 8:39 pm
Thank you for this, although mine seems to be missing the genre bit, I have the year & comments info displaying ok, but not the genre, I can see from your screen shot it shows on yours?!

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 8:50 pm
Click on that field several times to see if it changes. Maybe the default view is different

Posted Fri 19 Apr 19 @ 9:27 pm

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