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Topic: Script help
I’m not even sure if this can be done But......

Hey would like to map my load button so that it checks if the track is an MP3 or MP4/video.

If the track is an MP3 the it turns on the SlideShow plugin for that deck, if it’s a video/MP4 it just plays the video.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted Thu 28 Mar 19 @ 5:08 pm
I’m trying to replicate how it worked in VDJ7.

Why you ask?

Because I use Syphon on each deck so I always need something playing.

So for example, when there’s an MP3 playing on both decks my screen goes black.

So that’s why I’d like a script that’s first asks if it’s an MP3 or video file.

And if this can be achieved then I don’t have to worry about the black bars on some of my videos because Mix Emergency will automatically fill them.

I can make a video if that would be more help??

Posted Thu 28 Mar 19 @ 7:28 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I don't know with syphon on mac but VDJ for windows allows spoutreceiver - the syphon plugin for win - as audioonlyvisualisation which does exactly what you expect

Something like this will always works
repeat_start 'vidAudio' 100ms & is_video ? video_fx 'Slideshow' off : video_fx 'Slideshow' on

Posted Thu 28 Mar 19 @ 8:19 pm
Well Mix Emergency doesn't allow syphon in on its master and that defeats my purpose because I don't like VDJ's transitions. Well it's not that I don't like them I just find ME's to be better looking and a lot smoother.

So Thanks for the script, it's pointed me in the right direction.

I should be able to figure it out now if not I'll definitely be back, lol!

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 12:34 am
I think it should be something like this,

Deck 1 load & is_video ? video_fx 'Slideshow' off : video_fx 'Slideshow' on

I'll try it in a bit and see how it goes.


My script doesn't turn the slideshow on the specific deck?? Any idea on what I'm doing wrong??

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 12:40 am
Loco, Phantom, Bob, Adion? Anyone??

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 2:31 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Your script works here, maybe drop the deck specifier
load & is_video ? video_fx 'Slideshow' off : video_fx 'Slideshow' on

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 3:16 am
BOOM!! I got it!!

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 3:16 am
Ok this is what I’m using,

deck 1 load & repeat_start 'vidAudio' 100ms & is_video ? video_fx 'Slideshow' off : video_fx 'Slideshow' on

deck 2 load & repeat_start 'vidAudio' 100ms & is_video ? video_fx 'Slideshow' off : video_fx 'Slideshow' on

I have them on 2 custom buttons.

Not sure if it’s a glitch but all’s I have to do is load a track to each deck using those buttons once and from then on it doesn’t matter if I use the load buttons on my mixer or Denon decks.

If a MP3 gets loaded then slideshow starts on that deck and when I load a video on the same deck it switches back to the video just like I want it to.

If I load an MP3 on both decks then I have slideshow playing on both decks which again is exactly what I wanted.

Maybe Loco you could test it and see if it works for you??

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 3:53 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Not sure what you're asking,
you want to be able to turn this function off/on?
or maybe you want only the customs to perform this action?

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 4:32 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
What's the reason for not simply using the video source for audio tracks for this?

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 4:57 am
OK I’ll try to explain this the best I can.

OK I use VDJ8 basically to play audio and videos, i’m not a fan of how the transitions or video effects look in regards to VDJ8.

So what I do is turn on the siphon out plug-in on decks one and two within VDJ and then I use mix emergencies decks one and two to pick up the video feed from decks one and 2.

Once Mix emergency picks up The video streams I am now able to use mix emergencies transitions and video effects which I prefer over VDJ.

So my problem is/was with the way virtual DJ only shows audio only visualizations on the master output if both decks were playing MP3 files. Because of this the master output from mix emergency would turn into a black screen which I don’t want.

So basically what I needed was a script that when I loaded a track it would ask if it was an MP3 or a video file. If it was an MP3 I want slideshow to be activated on whatever deck the MP3 was playing on and if it was a video / MP4 take no action and just play the video file.

Does that make sense?? If it doesn’t let me know and I’ll make a video showing you exactly what I’m talking about.

I basically needed the handling of audio only visualizations to work like it did in VDJ7 which it would apply the visual to the deck, not the master.

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 5:32 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Ok, yes makes sense in that case

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 6:29 am
Hey Guys...I know this quite an old topic...but Sound Insurgent care to share the build you are on, as I am running 2020 8.4 5402 stable build and when I turn on Syphonserver, Virtual returns: "This plugin may not be compatible with virtual dj 8". I too have an ME licence want to run the decks through that.
I will be grateful if you share your workaround to achieve it!

Posted Fri 06 Dec 19 @ 3:08 am
I’m on build v8.4 b5454 and everything is working fine here.

Posted Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 12:59 pm