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Topic: Numark party mix LE license
S-PlenkHome userMember since 2018
Hi, bought a Party Mix a few weeks ago, had some fun with it. Didn't think much of the "30 free Pro trial" but now I read that I won't be able to sort my songs any more or view their BMP or Key in the browser?? Is this correct?

That would make the controller worthless imho
Might be better of selling it to some poor guy who didn't do his research like me and buy a DDJ400, it's more expensive but does come with fully functional software if I'm not mistaken?

Was already missing buttons on the Numark controller and found out I can't connect my akai midi controller for some extra buttons due to the LE license..

Maybe consider a different way to limit your LE version, the way it is now makes purchasing a controller bundle kinda pointless.. buy controller, use it for a month, buy software license for the controller specifically.. want an other controller, buy an other license..

Or am I wrong?

Posted Wed 05 Sep 18 @ 11:26 pm
You are correct. To use multiple controllers you need a Pro licence or subscription which is fair enough but I also think the LE licence is overly restricted by limiting the browser but that's how the company want to play it.

It sort of forces you on to a "home" controller licence which you have to pay extra for but it only works on one single controller. If you want to connect more than one you need a $20 per month subscription or a $300 Pro licence.

It's been like that since V8 came out so I can't see it being changed.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 1:51 am
So you bought one of the cheapest controllers on the market, and expected to get fully functional software?

The LE version is supplied simply to get you started when you open the box. If you want the full software, you need to buy a license.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 4:34 pm
S-PlenkHome userMember since 2018
Sorry didn't mean to offend you. Yes, of course I understand LE is a limited version, just pointing out it's limited in such away that it limits normal use.
They could limit using video, amount of effect or like they did, adding extra controllers and not allowed use in commercial setting. But limiting the song browser...

I have bought midi controllers for production in the past, they came with a limited version of Ableton but you can produce with that version, just not that many tracks and not all effects as the bigger licenses.. doesn't suggest to me that you can't manage your media.. and compared to 1200 euro controllers it cheap, but there are controllers for half the price of the Numark.

Didn't buy it to become a DJ, just bought it for our next friends get together and not having a Spotify playlist being skipped trough when peeps get drunk and dancing..

But I'll contact VDJ how to reset the license so I can resell it and buy an upgrade that does come with software which I can use to play some beats ;)

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 5:09 pm
S-Plenk wrote :
reset the license so I can resell it

You can't reset the license because you don't have one. The LE version is like a Home version but for the controller it came with. It was free with your controller, so you can't "resell" it because it wasn't "sold" to you.

The T&Cs for Virtual DJ state that licences can't be resold anyway, even if you bought one. It's registered to you and stays registered to you.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 5:29 pm
S-PlenkHome userMember since 2018
Can't resell the controller?

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 5:50 pm
Yes of course you can sell the controller, because that's what you bought. You didn't buy VDJ.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 6:05 pm
S-PlenkHome userMember since 2018
I think we are getting mixed up here ;)
I want to disconnect the LE license, that is unlocked via the controller, from my VDJ account. So when the next person to own this controller plugs it in he can unlock the LE license that is connect to the controller?

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 7:09 pm
VDJ licenses can't be transferred.

From this page...
*NOTE: please note that all VirtualDJ licenses are not transferable. Once purchased, they are associated with your personal email, and cannot be sold or transfered to someone else.

That's always been the case.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 8:09 pm
In plain English:

If you sell the controller privately the buyer will not get the LE license that came with it as it is now registered to you. They would need to buy a controller license or above to use it.

If you return it to the supplier, same scenario. They would need to give it a new license code before selling it on again.

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 8:35 pm
S-PlenkHome userMember since 2018
Ok thanks for clearing that up !
But I wonder how the supplier can give it a new code as I needed to enter the serial number of the controller as my license key..

Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 10:45 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

Posted Fri 07 Sep 18 @ 3:04 am
Hi I need a help,,how can I get lost Keycode/ Le code by Using a Serial number??

Posted Fri 13 Sep 19 @ 1:12 am
You need to contact numark

Posted Fri 13 Sep 19 @ 6:04 am