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Topic: VDJ8 and Numark DJ2GO2 or Behringer CMD PL-1
I'm gathering information and I searched the forum and found some info, but wanted to know more specific information if anyone could share their experiences with me. Does anyone currently use VDJ8 and a Numark DJ2GO2 controller and know if you can control, assign, or map 4 decks to 1 and 2 on the controller (obviously not at the same time) with a $49 / 1 controller license? I heard it's possible to map the levels to the pitch sliders back and forth as needed, but I didn't find the info to accomplish this. Could I mix with both kb/mouse and the controller together at the same time? With the 1 controller license, would I be able to use my ASIO sound interface instead of the built in controller audio interface or both at the same time? Is custom mapping only available with the Pro license? Also, the comparison chart says DVS is available with a separate license. Does that mean that option can only be used with VDJ8 Pro? Would a Numark Party Mix or Behringer CMD PL-1 be a better option for $20 more just to mix at home?

Posted Thu 24 May 18 @ 8:54 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Regardless which controller you decide to buy, it can be mapped (customized) to your needs, so change the behavior of every button, fader etc, and of course make it work with 4 (or more) decks.
Custom mappings are available with both Home PLUS (per controller) and Pro licenses.

Timecode (DVS) is available if you purchase Pro License
If you purchase a Home PLUS license (for a controller), and need to use Timecodes (DVS), you will need to purchase an additional PLUS Timecode License, so if you really want DVS, consider the possibility to buy Pro Infinity right from the start, as you will not be able to upgrade later with discounted price.

Home PLUS license (per controller) allows you to use any sound card, and not just the built-in sound card of your controller. However, you will have to stick with the Master & Headphones setup , so you will not be able to use External Mixer Audio setup (deck 1, deck 2, etc) unless the controller itself offers this option, and that is not the case for the majority of the supported controllers (including the ones you mentioned above)

Posted Thu 24 May 18 @ 11:51 am