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Topic: DVS Revisited DDJ-SX2
Hi Everyone,

Yes, I know there is a few posts about this, but none have explained it from beginning to end. And I am not new to DVS, I have been using it for quite some time. With both 1200's and DZ1200's both with great success. (with other controllers and such)

The issue is the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 that I recently picked up. (new)

I have followed what I thought to be logical set up procedures. I did the Serato registry hack and got the 2 in 2 out to show up in VirtualDJ. The problem is in order for the timecode to show up in the calibration screen you have to put the mixer channels 1 & 2 to "phono", then the signal appears to both decks. Unfortunately, now it is NOT in PC mode and you cant load music or control anything. If you switch the inputs back to PC you regain control but the timecode signal goes away. I thought that was the whole point of the SX2, to be able to use the phono underneath for time code like the Hercules RMX/2 does.

What am I doing wrong here?

Posted Thu 20 Jul 17 @ 5:43 pm
Anyone, Anyone....
DJ Dad?

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 9:17 pm

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 10:05 pm
I don't know why the setup guide doesn't mention it, but there have been plenty of posts about it on here over the years - including posts from people confirming it works.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 10:30 pm

Posted Sat 22 Jul 17 @ 1:14 am
I read this...

I looks like a very old version of VDJ 8 also. But if it does work, what exact settings did they use? The videos are of limited help because of the language gap.
But if you follow the pics some things are slightly different, probably due to VDJ updates.
Like when you click on "timecode" it automatically creates a separate list below the main outputs. The old version they were in the same list. ???
There is a schematic showing how it is SUPPOSED to be working (after the unlock) but it it is really not.
I know there is something simple I'm missing here. Different driver maybe?
And how do you tell VDJ what input to listen to for the timecode? And what is that input?

Posted Sat 22 Jul 17 @ 2:34 am
If I get time I will pull my SX2 out and try setting it up here, to see if I can get it working.

Posted Sat 22 Jul 17 @ 8:04 am
groovindj wrote :
I don't know why the setup guide doesn't mention it, but there have been plenty of posts about it on here over the years - including posts from people confirming it works.

The setup guide doesn't mention it because it requires a hack in the registry, and still the changes are not permanent. Also there's no guaranteed way to make it work on MAC.

PS: Technical details:
Once the registry hack is applied, you need to start Serato once.
The unit changes mode, but the mode is valid only until you disconnect or power cycle the unit.
Once you disconnect or power cycle the unit, you need to start Serato again, for SX2 to switch mode.

Under these circumstanses the DVS feature of SX2 is NOT officially supported

Posted Sun 23 Jul 17 @ 12:24 am

I never said anything about MAC.

And as I've said, I have read all posts so far, so, been there, tried that.


I'll be awaiting your results. I think they may have changed something in the software along the way....

I'll probably have to just stick with the RMX2 for DVS and NS7III for the rest. Could be

Posted Mon 24 Jul 17 @ 10:34 pm
I was not replying to you.

To answer your question:

1) Apply registry hack
2) Start Serato Dj
3) Wait a minute or so (that's because the device disconnects and reconnects internally with a new interface)
4) Close Serato Dj
5) DO NOT disconnect or power cycle SX2
6) Start VirtualDj
7) Open Config
8) Click on SX2 icon to apply predefined audio setup
9) Click on TIMECODES button on the right to include TC inputs on your audio setup
10) 2 Extra lines appear on sound setup. On VirtualDj 8.2 they are now separate from the rest (VirtualDJ 8/8.1 showed one stack of inputs and outputs, 8.2 shows 2 stacks, one for inputs, and one for outputs)
11) On the 2 extra lines added use the drop down box to select Pioneer DDJ-SX2 ASIO inputs.
12) Last time I checked on the channels drop down box you should use 1-2 for both lines since the ASIO inputs are named differently.

If you wish further help take a screen capture of the sound cfg window open with the drop down box expanded on TC inputs so that I can check what inputs are offered on your system.

Posted Tue 25 Jul 17 @ 6:36 am