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Topic: Ask The DJ Settings
semleonHome userMember since 2012
I'm on a mac. When i Control click the "Ask The DJ" (per the video instructions) I get "Set Up..." and "Monitoring". I get no options for hashtags or seeing requests from twitter. I've tried to right click, Option click. Apple Click. nothing always the same two options nothing about hashtags or twitter. what am i doing wrong?

Posted Fri 15 Jul 16 @ 8:38 pm

Posted Fri 15 Jul 16 @ 8:54 pm
semleonHome userMember since 2012
Thank you very much!

Posted Sat 16 Jul 16 @ 2:15 pm
I have the pioneer ddjsb trying to see if there is a setting for the upfaders.

Posted Wed 07 Sep 16 @ 2:43 am
Cooper09, your question has nothing to do with this topic. Please start your own thread, and do not hijack others, thank you.

Posted Wed 07 Sep 16 @ 1:54 pm
@ semleon are you wanting to change from the hashtag option back to ask the dj, if so, go into your config ( where you choose audio interface controller options etc and go into options under browser remove your hashtag.

hope this helps, i realise its been a while since you asked but i have only just had this issue for me to see the post

@ Semleon wollen Sie von der Hashtag-Option zurück zu ändern, um die dj zu fragen, wenn ja, gehen Sie in Ihre config (wo Sie wählen Audio-Interface-Controller-Optionen usw. und gehen in Optionen unter Browser entfernen Sie Ihren Hashtag.

Hoffe das hilft, ich merke, dass es eine Weile her ist, seitdem du gefragt hast, aber ich habe gerade nur dieses Problem für mich gesehen, um den Beitrag zu sehen

Posted Thu 20 Jul 17 @ 7:05 am
thanks for the info

Posted Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 1:23 am