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When I drag certain songs from itune to play, I get an error message and the songs do not play. However, when I go to my i tunes the songs play with no problem. Can someone help me with playing all the songs on my I pod to virtual DJ. I did the I dump, but the songs are still not playing. I get a few, probably 1/4 of my playlist.

Posted Mon 23 May 11 @ 11:49 pm
do the itunes songs show up in VDJ's browser?

Posted Tue 24 May 11 @ 11:39 am
What format are the songs that won't load? If they are older DRM protected (.m4p) files, then they cannot be played in VirtualDJ or any other non-Apple software/device. You will need to upgrade them via iTunes to iTunesPlus (DRM-free) to remove this restriction.

What version of VirtualDJ are you using? If it is v5 or earlier, then these old versions of the software do not have native support for the latest codecs used by Apple. You will need to upgrade to the latest version

Posted Tue 24 May 11 @ 12:07 pm
I have itunes 10 which is itunes plus, but there is still an error message. The songs do show up in the browser, but they say error and won't play. I am not sure which version of mixtrack I am using, but the box says limited edition. I did download mixtrack pro, but still the error message on a lot of songs.

Posted Tue 31 May 11 @ 11:28 pm
The version of iTunes itself is irrelevant. If you have purchased songs in the past that are DRM protected, then they will still be DRM protected until you pay via iTunes for them to be upgraded to DRM free (iTunes Plus.)

MixTrack should include VirtualDJ v6 LE which should be new enough to load songs encoded with the newer Apple codecs.

Make sure that you have the latest VirtualDJ LE installed from

The most common cause of 'Error' when loading a song is an incorrect entry for the song in VirtualDJ's database because you have either moved or renamed the file outside of VirtualDJ, so the database entry now points to a file that doesn't exist.

To check, use the VirtualDJ browser to browse to the exact location on disk where one of the songs that won't load is located, then drag it onto a deck.

To correct the invalid database entries, right-click on the top-level folder(s) where your music is located and choose Add to search DB

To remove the old invalid entries, you will need to go to CONFIG -> Browser, choose each drive where music is located and choose CHECK, CLEAN and then FIX - However, these options may not be available in LE outside of the Pro trial. If this is the case, either upgrade to the full Pro at a discount or use Home FREE without your MixTrack connected.

Posted Wed 01 Jun 11 @ 8:47 am
I have been trying all your suggestions to remove the "Error" message from certain songs when I drag them. However, none of these options is working. I cannot figure out how to get all of my Ipod/Itunes songs to play. I have been working on this for over two months now.

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 11:53 pm
@hippy dog...Yes the songs do show up in the browaer. they just say error when I drag them to the deck.

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 11:55 pm
In Windows Explorer, browse to where the file is located and look at its properties.

If it is a .M4P file then it is an older Apple DRM protected file and cannot be played in VirtualDJ. You will need to upgrade it to iTunes Plus as advised above.

Posted Tue 14 Jun 11 @ 7:02 am
I hooked up my Ipod to the laptop after I downloaded a new copy of Itunes. When i downloaded recommendations for this folder, I got this message "Netsearch Caching is only available for premium members." If I pay the $9.99, will I have more than 30 seconds of the song. I have over 8000 songs on my Ipod. Will I be able to add all the songs from my ipod to virtual DJ

Posted Wed 15 Jun 11 @ 12:34 am

Posted Wed 15 Jun 11 @ 9:06 am
I purchased the mixtrack over 3 months ago. Duing this time I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to download my 8000 songs from my ipod onto the mixtack. Does anyone know how I can get the songs from my ipod to play on virtual dj. My ipod songs have been manually saved fom several computers, and I do not want to sync it to just one because I have spent a lot of money time to gather this music. I have tried ipod dump several times, but I am still unable to access all of my files (is there another idump that is better?) I have upgraded my itunes plus several times. Does anyone know a better way to get the songs fom my ipod onto my mixtack virtual dj?

Posted Wed 15 Jun 11 @ 2:36 pm
if you're songs are that old and you're trying to load them you're likely S.O.L. get a headphone to rca(red/white) audio adapter and plug that bad boy into your mixer board's input and play from there or use the asio config to stream your ipod into your line-in or mic or your soundcard config and stream it like a mic. unless you can copy it to your pc, strip the drm using a DRM stripper (which is considered very illegal by itunes even if you are buying the tracks and using them on your pc) you're outta luck. I don't recommend it. If you have the latest itunes and these are your tracks. use itunes to put them into your pc library from your ipod and then upgrade them as suggested above. assuming these are really your own tracks and not on someone else's ipod, this is a simple fix. if they're someone else's tracks.... back to square 1 mate.

Posted Wed 15 Jun 11 @ 8:43 pm
I am having the same problem as in sidd_bishop original post.
I think I know the cause but i don't know how to fix it.
The problem started after I have reorganized my music library.
Here is what I did.

I have unistalled Itunes and Virtual DJ
Clean up the registry for every trace of Itunes and Virtual DJ.
Erased all Itunes and Virtual DJ Databases and left behind files.

Installed Itunes version
Reload my music (3000 songs) on drive D:
Maked sure it work on my PC, on my Ipad and also on my androïd cellphone.

Installed Virtual DJ version 7.0.5b
from Virtual DJ, I openned Itunes, and click on one of my playlist and drag one song on a deck.
I got and error and the song does not play.

If I right click on the song and look at the file infos. I show the wrong file path. It if the file path where it was before my files reorganization (Drive H:)

If i do a search it will find two files, one in drice D: and the other on drive H:
If I drag the one in drive D: to the deck, it will work OK. H: will give the ERROR.

All my playlist are done with Itunes so I really needs to have Virtual DJ work with Itunes.

I have located and erased VirtualDJ Database v6 and as soon I reopen Virtual DJ the Database Is back with all the wrong files Path.

My Question Is:
Where Virtual DJ gets the informations to build the VirtualDJ Database v6

Posted Thu 24 Nov 11 @ 6:58 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
Wow, you went WAY overboard. No need to do all that work. VDJ remembers all tracks that it sees and stores them in a database file. Uninsatalling VDJ does not delete this, it is also not in the registry. If you have windows this could either be in your "My Documents" folder or on the root of the drive (in your case the D: or H: drives).

Your case is different than the OP because the track works if you put it on that drive. Virtual DJ thinks it is there, but can't find it when you have removed it. In VDJ, goto "Settings" then "Browser" and it will look like the picture.

You select your drive (circled in red) then hit check. This is in my back up machine, so you can see at the bottom that out of 15 total entries, I only have 3 that were found this time. 12 are "Old Entries" AKA the songs are not there anymore because I have moved or deleted them.

Hit the clean button to remove these old entries. You can also hit the fix button to repair and compact your database file. Make sure you "Check" both of your drives (in your case the D: or H: drives) to get all of your information current. Then hit the Clean & Fix Buttons on each one.

This is the best way to maintain drive changes and is covered in the VDJ User Guide. Deleting your databases could be a last resort. They are not located in the registry. So no need to uninstall and go nuts cleaning, as you see it did not help. There are plenty of tools to help you maintain a good database file, I suggest reading the User Guide bofore doing any harsh moves again though.

Posted Fri 25 Nov 11 @ 12:02 pm
Yes, I did all this before, that helped to find the song using the search on Virtual DJ. But it does not fix the problems finding the song in my Itunes playlist.

One more detail.:

If I create a new playlist in my Itunes, that list does not show up in Virtual DJ. Same for the opsite, If I delete on playlist in my Itunes, it will still show in Virtual DJ. It looks like averything in Itunes is frozen in time like a picture taken 4 weeks ago when viewed by Virtual DJ. Still every thing work ok in my Itunes.

Posted Fri 25 Nov 11 @ 5:32 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
AH! If you moved the song or whatever happend, you need to delete the song in the itunes playlist. Then when you search for the track in itunes, play it first. If it plays you are all set to drag it back to the playlist.

If an exclamation point shows up and itunes skips to the next song, that is a "dead link". Once you have a song that you want and can play, add it back to that itunes playlist. Itunes remembers old songs too, but it is much harder to clean dead links of songs that were renamed, moved or deleted.

VDJ does not have the ability to look deep into itunes info. At this point, the song will show up in VDJ even though it is not in the VDJ database, soley because itunes says it is there.

Last, I have seen 2 things happen when VDJ does not see your new itunes playlists:
1. You closed itunes and open VDJ too fast. Wait 1 min, then open VDJ
2. If VDJ is open, it will not add your new playlists. You need to close VDJ, do your work in itunes, then start VDJ. You do not need to close itunes, but anything you do after VDJ is open, will not be seen in VDJ, until VDJ is restarted.

Posted Fri 25 Nov 11 @ 9:13 pm
This what's puzzeled me. I do not have any dead link or problem with Itunes.

What I'll like to know is where Virtual DJ gets the informations to build the VirtualDJ Database v6.
If I could find the location, I'll edit or delete this out of date file.

If I could get Virtual DJ to work, I'll buy it.

Thanks for your help.

Posted Sat 26 Nov 11 @ 8:04 am

Posted Sat 26 Nov 11 @ 9:07 am
Thanks superaceman That was the solution to my problem.

Posted Sun 27 Nov 11 @ 7:14 am
I have a Mac and have tried all of the above solutions to this problem and STILL I am not able to access my music. These songs play in my itunes library but were not purchased through itunes. They are all .mp3 files and will not play from the itunes playlist in my virtual DJ. I can search and find the songs using the database as well but they still will not play. I have been having this problem for several months and have been unable to find a solution. Please HELP! Thanks

Posted Tue 09 Sep 14 @ 8:33 pm
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