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I've had issues with Cue using the DJ i/o external sound card ever since I purchased them a year ago for my HP laptop. My laptop (new at the time) is a HP DV9620us with Vista Home Premium (32-bit), 2 gigs RAM memory, 240 GB drive, dual core 2 Ghz AMD processor.

At every gig, i would experience various glitches 6-7 times a night (sound drop-outs, distortion, app freeze-ups and crashes, etc.). I tried every conceivable sound settings in the Cue Performances tab, but that didn't help. I tried various versions of DJ i/o driver software, but it didn't make any difference. I even went to the extreme step of creating a separate boot partion on my laptop and loading Windows XP (that was a project in itself!), but the same issue resulted when I ran Cue under XP also.

I submitted this issue to the Cue forum on the website (FYI - that forum was shutdown in November '08), but all of their suggestions (which I listed above) did not work.

After several weeks of this frustration (and embarrasement), I decided to bypass the DJ i/o card and take the sound out from my laptop's mini-headphone jack. The problems ceased immediately. However, this left me with only a mono output for each deck.

This led me to believe the issue had something to with the DJ i/o card, and I chalked it up as being just being one of those issues that Numark would someday get around to fix....

While I was waiting (and deciding if I needed to buy a new sound card), I happen to stumble onto this forum by a Google search (why in heaven's name Numark doesn't link to it from their website, especially after they shutdown their own Cue forum, is baffling to me). Lo and behold - I read a posting on a related issue that pointed me to a site to download a free utility (DPC Latency Checker at ) to check for latency issues on my laptop. Once I loaded it, and found the devices in Windows Device manager that were causing the latency issues, I had the issue resolved in 5 minutes!! I've had no issues on several gigs since then. Thank you Virtual DJ Forum!!!

P.S. In Device Manager, I needed to disable my network connections devices (WLAN and Network controller), Modem, and my HP Webcam to keep the DPC Latency Checker bar graphs in the green/yellow areas.

Im having problems with my audio can anybody help with that. It sounds like its under water or garbly or something. Please help thanks

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 11:48 am
sischoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
We are glad you fixed your issues by DPC tool.

As far as your audio, try to disable the MasterTempo in CUE software and try to set Latency field on AUTO, disable SAFE MODE and OVERCLOCK.

What kind of sound card are you using?
Is that DJ i/o card?

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 12:38 pm
No, im using the maya 44 usb soundcard with vista 32 bit

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 1:23 pm
sischoPRO InfinityMember since 2005

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 1:35 pm
I tried changing the system performance, but the asio resolution won't let me change it. I already downloaded the latest driver. Its working just sound garbly

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 1:42 pm
sischoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Is your USB connection a USB 2.0 ?

Anyway, this thread is dedicate to DPC tool so we are ending OFF Topic; perhaps it's better to open another thread up.

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 1:51 pm
i think it is not sure, but I opened up a maya 44 usb thread. we can go to that one. Thanks

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 1:58 pm
according to my checker my issue was my cd rom very weird

i know this belongs in a different thread, but what does the over clock and safe mode do? is there somewhere it explains this?

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 3:17 pm
sischoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
of course there is!!!
Read the .pdf manual

Posted Mon 23 Mar 09 @ 3:33 pm
i had the same problem with the bcd3000. Just disable wifi in the device manager.

Posted Wed 08 Apr 09 @ 11:09 am
arck55Home userMember since 2009
I have been having troubles trying to record .

Posted Fri 17 Apr 09 @ 11:56 am
sischoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
what kind of troubles?

Posted Fri 17 Apr 09 @ 2:32 pm
Alright, so here goes. I was having trouble synchronizing my new creative x-fi surround 5.1 and my onboard soundcard. There always seems to be some sort of delay but more on that later.

So I found a thread on the DPC Latency checker and felt this might solve some issues. Turns out my latency is almost consistently above 4000. I tried to disable almost every single device imaginable, from Wifi to Energy to Optical drives to Soundcard to webcam to antivirus... everything. Nothing seems to have even the slightest effect. I pulled out all the USB devices, just couldn't figure it out.

It gets weirder though. After being so frustrated with this I noticed that sometimes when I do something on the laptop, open up a web browser for example, the latency seems to drop to around 25 but only for a duration of 1 or 2 bars before returning to around 4000. After testing some more, it seems that this low latency happens so incredibly randomly... I can't see any kind off pattern whatsover. It seems to be happening more now I'm typing though... I feel like i'm part in that experiment when something happens completely at random and I'm trying to figure out some pattern that doesn't exist.... I really need help on this one...

Now for my setup, this will make it even more complicated as the potential for conflict seems high (although I've been running this setup with much satisfaction and stability for months):

It's the new unibody macbook pro 15" pretty much maxed out for the screen size. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit through bootcamp. I bought a Creative x-fi surround 5.1 and it connects through a direct USB port and appears to be working fine.... besides the gap between the external and internal sound cards; it looks like a bit of fiddling will solve this though. I first want to fix this whole latency ordeal though. Any help would be much appreciated!

Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 11:45 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
There is a conflict between creative x-fi surround 5.1 and onboard sound cards (I already have this case with some VDJ users). Disable the onboard sound card and you will see that it works then.

Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 4:51 pm
Even disabling both sound cards doesn't have any effects whatsoever. The latency is there with or without them...

EDIT: Also, if I just unplug the external sound card, it doesn't change a thing.

Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 7:07 pm
Even disabling both sound cards doesn't have any effects whatsoever. The latency is there with or without them...

EDIT: Also, if I just unplug the external sound card, it doesn't change a thing.

EDIT2: I searched the forums for a bit, found a possible solution: Will check this as soon as I get home

EDIT3: The solution worked perfectly, it was the apple drivers, yay :)

Posted Tue 21 Apr 09 @ 10:01 pm
joepayoPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I'm using a brand new laptop
2.4 ghz centrino 2
6G ram
Windows Vista Home (x64)

I know this one is probably obvious, but after a couple days of DPC latency trouble shooting (which was useful) I still had terrible audio glitches in VDJ. The video DJCel posted was also very useful in helping me more deeply understand windows troubleshooting, but still no luck. Then I downloaded all Vista updates, VDJ update, and (this is KEY) updates for the RMX itself (which requires you to uninstall and reinstall drivers and firmware for the RMX).

I also updated every driver for every device in the device manager. I turned my laptop's power settings to "performance". And I turn off the wifi and wlan, and camera when using VDJ.

Now I'm getting flawless sound and performance from the RMX and VDJ combo in both WSM ans ASIO modes. I'm still getting a few random pops and breaks but no big deal.

Thanks for everyone's help on this.

Posted Wed 06 May 09 @ 3:56 am
pOpYDJPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Hello i have also had some latency issues with my notebook and VDJ 5.2.1. Now i have followed this instructions and deactivated all unused devices and services. Now the latency checker just show green bars :-)

After this i have followed some instructions to set the performance options like described in this thread:

Are there any other tweaks for the rmx and windows vista?

Thank you

Posted Wed 27 May 09 @ 5:20 pm
pOpYDJPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Now i have leaved Latency checker on over a nigth while vdj plays with automix. and sometimes i had red spikes (=shuttering audio).

I figured out that my bios option Speedstep (MSI GX700 Notebook) doesnt work. CPUZ shows me that my cpu run on an multiplier of 6x and not at full speed (10x) -> Speedstep switches it to 10x (=shuttering) if the CPU load goes higher :-(

After a while of searching an testing with the Tool (Crystal CPU ID):
I have fixed the multiplier to 9x and my vcore to 1,16 V on my "Core 2 Duo T7500".

Also a very good guide for tweaking vista for audio streaming can be found here:

Now VDJ runs through the night with an average latency of 175µs and and maximum of 500µs (=JUST green :-).

If i have played a gig with this setup i will report back, but ill think my problems are gone!

Ill hope this will help someone


Posted Fri 29 May 09 @ 5:30 am
i recorded a video of my problem. so i will be playing a in vdj and then all off the sudden this happens. i restart vdj and it goes back to normal for another while.

Dell XPS 1530
Intel core duo 1.66ghz
3 gigs of ram
windows vista 32bit
Serato sound card interface
Virtual DJ DVC

i dont get it =/

Posted Fri 29 May 09 @ 10:49 am
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