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 What is a License for and how do I get one

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Q: What is a VirtualDJ License and how do I get one ?

VirtualDJ 8 (and above) does not require any serial number (keycode).

Starting from VirtualDJ 8, serial numbers are replaced with a modern and more secure Licensing system.
A VirtualDJ License will unlock software features, such as use of USB Midi Controllers, external DJ Audio mixers, DVS (timecode) systems, advanced video features etc. Depending on the features you wish to unlock and the purpose of use, choose the License that fits best to your needs.
See the Comparison Chart.

Once a License is purchased, it will be automatically bounded to your VirtualDJ Account which is based on the purchased email, and all you have to do is to Sign in with your VirtualDJ Account credentials in the Login window of VirtualDJ 8.

if you are using VirtualDJ at home for non-commercial purpose (It cannot be used at DJ gigs where you are being paid.) and without MIDI controllers, timecode, advanced sound configuration, advanced video features, etc., then no License is required and you can download and use VirtualDJ Home for free.

Exceptionally, a VirtualDJ serial number (keycode) is required to use VirtualDJ 8 Limited Edition (comes bundled with several USB Midi Controllers). In this case, the registration can be done either from the software itself (in Settings->LICENSES tab->Enter Keycode) or from your Account

If you have troubles enabling your purchased License, please contact support.


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