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Q: Which VirtualDJ License do I need to purchase ? What is the difference between them ?

We offer a variety of licenses for VirtualDJ, to suit the requirements and budget of different users.

You can see an overview of the differences between each version on our Licenses page.

  • VirtualDJ is free to use (no License is required to be purchased), If all you need to use, is your computer's mouse and keyboard and don't intend to use VirtualDJ for commercial use (at gigs where you are being paid).

  • A Plus Controller license is required, If you need to use external hardware (such as external analogue DJ mixers, certain DJ USB Midi Controllers *, etc) and have advanced features but still use it at home (for non-commercial use). (*if a plus license is available as more complex Pro controllers will require a Pro License)

  • A Pro Infinity or a Pro Subscription license is required, If you need to use professional gear (such as external analogue DJ mixers, More Complex DJ USB Midi Controllers, DVS etc) , have all the advanced features and use it for commercial purposes (paid gigs) or broadcast to third party radio servers.


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