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 Skin Scratchwave

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Skin SDK: The <scratchwave> element

Availability: v8.0 onwards

Displays the scratch waveform.


  • orientation: horizontal or vertical
  • color: The primary color for the waveform. Default: full
  • color2: The secondary color for the waveform. Only used if the primary is not full.


  • <grid mainsize="" size="" height="" pos="" maincolor="" color="" transparency="" mirrored="" background="" backgroundcolor="" backgroundshaded=""/> v8.2 or later required

    Displays the CBG grid on the scratchwave. Parameters:

    • mainsize: The size of the marker for first beat of 4
    • size: The size of the marker for the remaining 3 beats
    • height: The height of the grid marker. If vertical, then this actually refers to the width.
    • pos: The position offset from the boundary
    • maincolor: The color of the first beat of 4
    • color: The color of the remaining 3 beats
    • transparency: The transparency level of the CBG grid (0 to 1)
    • mirrored: If set to yes then the grid markers are mirrored onto the other size of the waveform
    • background: If set to yes then the background of the scratchwave will be shaded according to the beat
    • backgroundcolor: The color to use for the shading of 'background'. Default is white.
    • backgroundshaded:

  • <cue y="" height=""><text dx="" dy="" size=""/><mask width="" height="" x="" y=""/></cue>
  • <overlay/>


<scratchwave deck="left" orientation="horizontal">
<pos x="10" y="100" width="1900" height="60"/>
<grid mainsize="3" size="1" height="10" pos="0" maincolor="#008ce1" color="white" transparency="1" mirrored="true" background="yes"/>
<cue y="+0" height="60">
<text dx="10" dy="-3" size="14" />
<mask width="12" height="92" x="942" y="1372"/>

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