ASIO4ALL is just a software-based ASIO emulator and does not provide true low latency audio.

It is designed and intended to trick professional software that only works with ASIO drivers into working with hardware that does not have its own native ASIO drivers.

It will not provide true low latency audio as a real ASIO driver would. This is not possible for WDM devices which are inherently higher latency.

In fact, it may cause you problems in some cases due to the additional system overhead it causes to perform its ASIO emulation.

If your sound card or controller does not come with real dedicated native ASIO drivers then your best option is to use conventional WDM audio.

NOTE: If you are not a scratch DJ, then low latency is less important. Low latency is important for a good quality scratch sound and fast response. It's also essential for instant play. If you don't need these features, then WDM audio will be sufficient in most cases, and it's also less susceptible to audio break-up on systems that have not been optimised for low latency audio.

NOTE: ASIO4ALL is not compatible with or available for Apple Mac computers. This is because MacOS uses CoreAudio which natively provides low latency audio. No special drivers are normally required for this, and ASIO drivers do not exist for Mac.

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