My father always told me: son, if you want the girls, you've got to be a DJ !

- Stephane Clavel, CEO Atomix Productions


pkdj2307 wrote on Sun 22 Nov 15
hi, don't know if you can help, I saw your post on vdj8.1 so I changed the setting in options to allow beta versions now my vdj8 wont open.
freeatlast111 wrote on Thu 24 Sep 15
Hope i am not bothering you. How do i know i have the current version and if i don't how do i get it. every time it says do you want to update, i do. thanks for your help.. i have 8.0.0 build 2441.1067. thanks for your help
Odrius wrote on Mon 31 Aug 15
Salut tu mix depuis longtemps donc je te laisse mon Facebook si je pourrais te demander quelque conseil.
cesarcastillo wrote on Tue 22 Apr 14
Hi sclavel can you please include me to be a beta tester for Virtual dj 8
pispsi wrote on Tue 22 Apr 14
hi how do i become a beta tester for Virtual dj 8
silvinhodeejay wrote on Thu 27 Mar 14
Hello, I want to be a beta tester Virtual DJ 8.
ramirezdj wrote on Wed 01 Jan 14
happy new year :-)
karrobarro wrote on Fri 27 Dec 13
I´m longtime member and i want to tes Virtul Dj version 8! Im from Sweden and i it shold be very nice to test it at the New year party!!

Happy New year!

Best regards!
//Magnus Smångs
rob12345 wrote on Wed 25 Dec 13
Hi there

Any chance i could test v8 please as i have hecules RMX setup that many people have and would like to give you feed back on performance and any possible tweeks?

let me know a.s.a.p.


DJ_Potter wrote on Mon 26 Mar 12
anachronX wrote on Sat 24 Mar 12
Thank you for the sandwiches and potato wedges! ;-)
Musikmesse Frankfurt Mar 24, 2012
Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
DJ NEONGLASS wrote on Tue 21 Jun 11
I also wanna thank you for developing this wonderful software.It made me Dj again after 20 years not have played.Your program is the reason i quit vinyl & Cd's.My big respects.
Deejay Corny wrote on Mon 13 Jun 11
Thank you for creating such a wonderful software! In humble appreciation, I've added you as a friend.
djdad wrote on Fri 07 Jan 11
Happy New Year Stef ! I wish 2011 will be an awesome year for VirtualdJ. Suprise us !