With over twenty years experience in music programming, I mix and compile late 70's and early 80's disco, r&b, synthpop, and progressive rock for the masses. For mixes and major tuneage visit

Some of the biggest inspirations from the early deejay generations include Tom Moulton, pioneer of the dance "Remix;" Bobby Viteritti, 2-time Billboard Disco Deejay of the Year; and Dana Andrews (1954 - 1989), resident deejay of Seattle's legendary after-hours club, The Monastery. Their contributions to the underground music scene are unparalled.

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DJHoeimark wrote on Mon 04 May 15
i will try :) ty for asking..i will try to do so mate :)
Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 09 Jun 11
Old skool, especially when it's funky, groovy, jivin', HAS TO BE REINTRODUCED TO THE YOUNG KIDS!!! It's just too good (to dance to) to let it slip away unnoticed by the next generations!

Hi there DJRXMX. I sometimes do a retro disco night aswell. Lovin' it! As you say: classics never die!
Boykelly wrote on Wed 23 Mar 11
we never met but I was around the Monastery quite a bit from the late 70's on, loved how you can mash up the rock into the mix. Sorry we never met then, I just found you through an amazing coincidence reading your post regarding gain and recording:
I realised who you were after Francine was asking if I remembered you from the days!
good to see you are still spinning, take care,
slimcox1 wrote on Tue 08 Feb 11
Welcome I added u to my friend list
djrxmx wrote on Thu 27 May 10
Howdy. Glad to join.
My favorite underground disco song of all time: "Hills of Katmandu" (Tantra)